Hello Friends

You can download the compilations of Paper III & IV from the below link.

Sorry for the delay.

PAPER 3- Download 

PAPER 4- Download


All the Best 🙂



  • Saurabh Garg

    Thank you babaji…for your efforts…

  • SM

    Thank you Baba

  • vidhu

    thank u babaji 🙂 also do provide the compilation synopsis of the current questions as early as possible 🙂 thanks 🙂

  • Brock_Lesnar

    Thank u so much Baba?

  • Kashif

    Baba can u provide compilation of sociology

  • Magic


  • Meiji

    Thank you Baba!!

  • Murugan10

    Thank u so much babaji

  • Magic

    Sir a small doubt…. I have observed that many important topics covered in IR under current affairs have not been included in compilation….so can you please tell the dates of the compilations and also some important topics from october month have not be found in compilations as questions.

    Please clear this doubt ..

  • Preamble

    Thanx iasbaba…

  • Brock_Lesnar

    Baba same problem!
    Till which date these compilation contains questions contains?
    Kindly ans

  • Brock_Lesnar

    Datewise compilations would be better.
    All are mixed, repetitions in the compilations.
    Paper 4 contains nearly half questions (14 of 32) from topics other than ethics.
    Sorry for complaining babaji.
    Anyway thanks for providing this.

  • Nicky

    Thanks a lot

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