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  • December 11, 2016
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Know who you are:

How much do you know about yourself? How often do you contemplate on the purpose of your life and the overall vision of your future? How much time do you really give for yourself? The answer to most of these questions for most people is ‘Very little’.

The single most important reason why people fail to achieve their true vision and purpose is because of a lack of understanding of themselves and their role in the overall scheme of things of the society and the community around them. An individual who doesn’t know his place and how he can contribute to the betterment of humanity cannot pursue any grand goals and achieve them.

The greatest success stories have always come from those individuals who have let go of their personal ego’s and looked at the larger good of humanity. Their grand vision to help transform lives and help mankind has driven them to achieve great success in spite of all the difficulties.

It takes a change in perspective and vision to look beyond oneself to make a difference in the world. And how ever contrary this might sound, the better you know yourself the better you will be able to understand what the world needs and how you can fill the gap.

The first step in the ladder of success is a complete and clear understanding of one’s dreams, desires, goals and aspirations. Clarifying your true purpose of life is more important than any other activity in your journey towards success.

Every day spend at least one hour for yourself to keep revisiting your goals and aligning yourself to accomplish them. The nature of the mind is such that even if you give a gap of few days and get lost in unwanted thought process, it becomes that much more difficult to come back to your visions.

True success is all about understanding the real meaning of success and failure from your personal point of view. Once you understand your thought process and how you act in certain circumstances, you can apply yourself in a more meaningful and impactful way. It all begins by dedicating at least an hour every day to sharpen the axe of your intellect and emotions.

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