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  • January 29, 2017
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Stress & Recollection:

We all know how difficult it is to recollect important information when we are in stress. Stress has the ability to simply block all recollection capabilities of the mind. The very nature of stress is such that it overpowers the rational and logical mind to put you in a state of emotional imbalance.

Emotional imbalance caused by stress is the single most important reason why our thinking capabilities and problem solving abilities are affected. If you observe your mind’s recollection mechanism a little closely you will realize that recollection happens through mental associations.

Each idea in our mind is linked to all other ideas. This association of thoughts is what helps us to recollect information relevant to a particular context. Have you ever wondered how your brain remembers your ATM pin only when you stand in front of an ATM machine! It has happened so often that certain information can be recollected only in a certain situation. This is due to the association of information with the particular contextual environment.

Stress has the ability to simply shift the context completely. Stress can highjack your mind’s capability to remain in the present moment, associate thoughts and recollect information. This is why it is almost impossible to think logically in a stressful situation. Stress is also the most important cause of violence.

There are a few simple methods through which one can take control of the mind and the present moment. By regular practice of self awareness one can remain rooted in the experience of the present moment, which gives enormous clarity and ability to focus. Self awareness is an art and skill once developed can transform the very quality of thinking and recollection.

Especially during an examination, where each moment counts and even the slightest amount of stress can make a huge difference, it is absolutely necessary to practice the ability to stay in the moment and keep your mind relaxed for long periods of time. The easiest and simplest way of doing this is to bring self awareness to even the simplest of daily actions.

Eat consciously, walk consciously, talk consciously and act consciously. Every single moment of your life is a preparation. Practice of self awareness will help you to handle any stressful situation. It will also help you to focus better. It is not enough if you are simply good in grasping information; recollection and reproduction of information is an art which is equally important and it can be tremendously enhanced by self awareness.

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