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  • February 26, 2017
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Comfort Vs Effort:

Our life is a combination of all the choices we make. We are determined more by our choices than by anything else. To choose what is right and enduring; to choose right action and effort over comfort and momentary pleasure is the real challenge.

Every moment of our lives we are confronted with the choice of experiencing momentary pleasure or working towards enduring success. The ones who choose to sacrifice their momentary happiness to seek the vision of larger good and impact are the ones who will lead the way for others.

If given a choice, all of us would want to choose comfort over effort. It is not very difficult to imagine how our lives would unfold if we are seeking comfort all the time. There are very few differentiating factors between people; choosing between comfort and effort is the most significant difference of all.

Let us make the choices that put us on the path of learning, growth and impact. Let us sacrifice the momentary pleasure to seek the everlasting happiness of realizing our inner vision. Let us move towards effort, action, sacrifice and hard work. Let us learn to say no to comfort and say yes to effort.

The choice between comfort and effort cannot be made once and forgotten. It is a choice that we face every single moment of our lives and it is a decision we have to make all the time. When we are aware and alert to our thought process and our surroundings we can easily recognize how our time is wasted in seeking comfort.

The more alert we are, the easier it is to identify those activities that are taking us away from effort. This momentary alertness will help us to make the right choices towards right action. Alertness makes it infinitely easier to see how we are spending each moment and what changes we need to make in order to move towards our goals.

Who wouldn’t want to watch a cricket match or a movie all day; who wouldn’t want to sleep for as long as they want and wake up only when they want to! Everybody seeks comfort, only a few fight it to put the necessary effort to reach to their goals. Success is no rocket science; it is a simple combination of vision, effort and sacrifice. No amount of gyan will help us to succeed, if we are not willing to understand the difference between comfort and effort and make the right choice.

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