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  • March 27, 2017
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Handling Rejections:

It is impossible to attain to any level of recognizable success without learning how to handle rejections. Every step of the way; at every turn and corner of the road of success, there lies a speed bump of rejection waiting to slow you down.

It is impossible to succeed without recognizing the simple fact that rejection is the most common companion on the journey of success. Succeeding at anything requires one to change the flow of things. The very definition of success implies that you are attempting to succeed at something most people have failed. It is obvious that you will face a lot of rejects on this journey.

Learning how to handle rejection becomes of paramount importance especially when the journey is long and arduous. More often than not, the path to success is long and difficult. If you are not able to handle rejections, you will soon give up.

So what is this rejection; what are its various forms and how does it affect us?

The most common form of rejection comes in the form of fear. People always reject what they fear the most. And since your journey is unknown to them, they fear it. Most rejections have no basis and standing because they have not come through an understanding of your life. Most people reject an idea simply because it does not appeal to them. This is the most common form of rejection you can simply ignore. I can’t do it so you cannot.

The second most common form of rejection comes out of ignorance. Most people simply have no understanding of what they are rejecting. They reject because it feels good. It satisfies their ego when they are able to prove someone wrong. This form of rejection usually comes from the people who are closest to us; friends and family.

The third form of rejection is because of jealousy. People reject you or your ideas because they are jealous of your success. This form of rejection is usually encountered after succeeding at something. Just because you have succeeded, they have an obligation to reject you because they have failed.

To overcome all these rejections and to stand firm on your path and vision is the most important ability you can possess. To know yourself so well that you simply brush aside all these rejections and move towards your goal defines the level of success you can attain. When you reject rejection and stay firm on your path, great things begin to happen.

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