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  • March 12, 2017
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Life and Learning:

A battlefield of thoughts and life moves amidst of it with a soft and gentle strength of conviction and courage. The greatest stories that are etched on the stone walls of time are of people who did not give up or give in to cynicism.

Negativity is all around us in the form of jealousy, misguided ideologies, anger and pent up frustrations of generations. Every single moment, an individual has to fight to be himself; he has to fight to pursue his dream and passion; he has to fight to scream out his ideas of right and wrong; he has to fight just to be able to say that he wants to be himself.

Amidst all this negativity, what sustains an individual and his passion for life is his unflinching dedication to the process of life and learning. A student of life has nothing to fear. He knows that life is a one long process of learning. Here failure is only a measuring device of success. Criticisms are compliments and setbacks are an opportunity to find a new path.

If there is a lesson all of us need to learn from our past experiences; it is that life is too long with too many twists and turns; only the one who is willing to adapt to a constantly changing landscape will find his way home. Those who are too stubborn to change will perish. Life teaches us one thing more than anything else; change or perish.

Ability to respond positively to an ever changing environment around us is probably the most important skill we can develop and nurture. When learning becomes the first and last definition of success; failure loses all its meaning. You cannot defeat a spirit that is willing to change and adapt. Throw anything at it; it knows how to convert it into an opportunity.

In my personal experience of living, I have found these skills to be most valuable:

  1. Ability to communicate
  2. An attitude that will never accept failure
  3. A heart filled with love and compassion
  4. Learning to value and nurture relationships
  5. Practicing meditation for a deeper experience of life

Our experience of life teaches us more such wonderful abilities that are indispensable for a successful and beautiful life. Let us continue to search for the best of what life can offer. Let us continue to strive, fail and move ahead. Above all, let us always remain humble enough to learn.

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