IASbaba’s 60 Days Plan, 2017: The Success Mantra of Thousands of Aspirants for Prelims

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  • March 23, 2017
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Hello Friends, 

Here we are with the most awaited initiative.

  • An initiative that you can’t ignore,
  • A ritual that you must follow,
  • A habit you must nurture and
  • A plan that you must internalize.

Yes! We are talking about IASbaba’s trademark 60 Days Plan. In two years only, this has emerged as an indispensable aspect of Prelims preparation. With so many success stories and equally heartening gratitudes that followed post 60 Days plan in the last two years, it has become a hallmark of smart and efficient preparation. An initiative that in the literal sense is the manifestation of our core philosophy of smart work, 60 Days Plan gives you an edge over others. With nearly 70% hit ratio in two successive years along with ILP and other initiatives, 60 Days Plan also gives you a breather if your preparation isn’t up to the mark. That my friends is the main reason behind it’s indispensability for the aspirant community! You get to improve your score and thereby your chances by following this religiously.

This year, 60 Days Plan would be bigger and better! And yes completely free in line with IASbaba’s philosophy!

We are here with better analysis, more focus and more tangible takeaways. We want you to get equipped with certain tools that will help you keep track of your preparation and performance. Continuous improvement is what you require to get past the others. For that you need patience and unbiased evaluation of your preparedness on a daily basis. We present you certain scales to track your progress on a daily basis and do the necessary course correction to bring yourself on track. But before that, let us do a small analysis of the mistakes that one commits in prelims.

One’s level of preparedness is always different for different subjects. Even within a subject, one’s comfort level may vary with topics. For example, one might be more comfortable in solving questions of Polity than Economics and within Polity also, one might be at ease with questions on fundamental rights than Parliament. The level of comfort and ease that one has with a subject/ topic gets manifested in the examination. However, there is no conscious effort by aspirants to micro analyse these aspects. Now, coming to the second aspect i.e. the mistakes that one commits in answering MCQs, it can be said that there are mainly four reasons behind incorrect responses in the OMR sheet. They are:

  1. Lack of information
  2. Lack of analytical ability
  3. Silly mistakes
  4. Excessive risk taking


Let’s analyse them one by one:

  1. Lack of information: You simply don’t know the information. You are clueless and that’s why you don’t attempt the question. For example, you may have never come across a regime called the ‘Wassenaar Agreement’ during your preparation and you can’t do much about it. Lack of information is pardonable and rectifiable. You can read more and gather more information. That is within your reach.
  1. Lack of analytical ability: You know the concept but the question is a twisted one and you are not able to apply the concept. For example, in a question asking you to identify the climate type of a region based on certain given parameters like precipitation, temperature and air density, you might find it difficult to mark the correct option even if you are aware of all the options given in the question! That is clearly a lack of application and you can overcome it by developing a habit of framing questions in your mind while you study any topic.
  1. Silly mistakes: This habit is unpardonable. You know the concept, you become happy, you misread the question, you mark the incorrect answer and you are out of the race! Such mistakes reveal your hurriedness while answering the question. A simple mistake of reading ‘chose the incorrect option’ as ‘chose the correct option’ can destroy your chances. It means that you need to have patience and focus while attempting the paper.
  1. Excessive risk taking: You are confused between the options and just in order to increase your attempts, you make wild guesses and try your luck only to repent eventually. Risk taking is an art and one must be very careful while doing the guesswork in confusing questions. If you are not lucky enough, it can spoil your chances.

You will realize that these problems will have different meanings for different people. For example, one might find lack of information as the main culprit in answering wrong the questions on Culture while in Polity, lack of analytical ability is usually the culprit. The point here is that you must analyse your preparation on these yardsticks by applying them on different subjects/ topics. If one is having a headache, he/ she can’t have the same medicine for fever. Isn’t it.

This is where our revamped 60 Days Plan comes into picture. It will give you an opportunity to micro analyse your preparation and perform better in the examination.


How to use it?

The detailed micro plan of 60 Days  is given here. You can download the PDF here.

Note: You can also join our Test Series-Click Here, in case want to solve more questions. It has a total of 18 Tests. 

Integrated Learning Program (ILP)-2017Click Here is also running that includes 35 Tests, Value Add Notes, Babapedia for Prelims Current Affairs and Mains Mocks with Synopsis. 

Now, we present you the following scales (with weightage of each scale given in the bracket) to micro analyse your preparation on a daily basis and that too subject/ topic wise:

  • Scale 1: Information meter (1)
  • Scale 2: Analysis meter (2)
  • Scale 3: Anxiety meter (3)
  • Scale 4: Risk meter (4)


Suppose on Day 1, questions have been framed from Polity on the topic of Constitutional History. There are 15 questions and you are able to answer 12 out of which 7 are correct and 5 are incorrect. It means you have scored roughly 11.33 out of 30. Now you have to fill on a daily basis, the following matrix to micro analyse your preparation:

Suppose, the filled up matrix gets reflected in the following fashion:

Based on the total value in this matrix, you have to aim for the following measures on the scale:

  1. Information meter < 4

Course Correction: If you are scoring above 4, it means that there are serious gaps in your information base in the particular subject/ topic. Please refer a standard textbook before it’s too late.

  1. Analysis meter < 4

Course Correction: If you are scoring above 4, you need to explore all possible questions in your mind while reading the topic. You should frame questions for your friends and try to trick them by twisting the questions.

  1. Anxiety meter < 3

Course Correction: A score above 3 indicates that you are either too excited or too callous to even read the question. You need to calm down and read the question twice, particularly those questions in which you feel too confident.

  1. Risk meter < 8

Course Correction: You need to curb your risk taking instincts. Make only intelligent guess and don’t leave your chance on fate. Don’t let the previous year’s cut off impact your mind.


  1. Total N x S score < 20


Moreover, IASbaba will give a cut off figure along with the solutions each day. If your total marks exceed that cut off along with your total N x S score lying below 20, you are on the right track and just need to keep the momentum going.

This exercise will hardly take 5 minutes of your daily time but it might do wonders for you as you will be able to gauge your strengths and limitations better.

Finally it is up to you to take advantage of this framework. We are sure of only one thing- if you follow 60 Days Plan, assess yourself on the basis of the given framework and keep improving your weaker areas, success will be yours.

Always remember, inconsistency and doubt leads to fear. And fear is something that ruins everything without giving you a chance. So, let us come together and enjoy the journey that lies ahead.

Raise your hands if you are part of this journey in the comment box 🙂

P.S– Questions will be posted around 11 AM everyday and Solution link will be activated around 6 PM


All the Best 🙂

IASbaba Team

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