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  • April 30, 2017
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Power of Communication:

Man is an Island cut off from everyone and everything else. His thoughts are within him, his ideas are within him; all his fears, dreams and desires are within him. Ability to communicate is what connects him to the world and the people in it. In this sense, communication is not just a useful tool; rather it is an indispensable link between you and everything else.

Your ability to express yourself well is probably the single most important skill you will ever need to be able to successfully navigate through the maze of life. If you can express things clearly, precisely and effectively, without losing the connection with people, then you will be surprised as to how smoothly you are able to manage your relationships, work and everything else.

Communication is at the heart of everything that goes right and everything that goes wrong in our lives. Almost all problems, including wars, are a problem of communication. When communication breaks down, it leads to anger and eventually violence. There is absolutely nothing that a good communication cannot achieve. On the contrary a bad or ineffective communication can ruin anything.

Working on your communication skills should be at the top of your priority. Nobody is born with the right set of communication skills necessary for success and happiness. One has to work at it. One has to constantly fine tune his/her communication skills by the trial and error method of feedback and correction.

In NLP this trial and error method is called TOTE – Test Operate Test Exit. Always test your communication skills first for their effectiveness and impact. If you feel that the communication is getting the right result, then operate or execute your plan. If the test fails and you don’t get your desired results, then exit. This process once practiced becomes subconscious and automatic.

Once your communication skills are perfected using an effective and applicable scientific knowledge, you will face very few problems while dealing with people. This eases your path and helps you to navigate effectively towards your desired results. Communication is really the key to getting what you want.

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