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  • May 13, 2017
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Sense of Humour:

Life need not always be serious and boring; it can be filled with light heartedness and humour. During some of the most testing times of our lives, it is our sense of humour that comes to the rescue. An attitude that allows you to laugh at your mistakes and make jokes out of past failures goes a long way in keeping things in perspective.

Sense of humour tells so much more about a person and his mental attitude. It says that he is confident and clear; it says that he knows that seriousness is only a small part of life; it says that he can take a joke on himself; it says that he is fun to be with and he is so much more than what he appears to be.

A good sense of humour can win you friends, can help you overcome challenges and hurdles, can help you solve problems; can make life easy and enjoyable. A good sense of humour is probably the best weapon to possess to tackle negativity and cynicism.

Here is one joke just to keep things light:

SCENE: My teenage daughter and me in the car.

Lauren: Dad, do you know what the most commonly used letter in a girl’s name is?

Me: Hmm, is it a consonant or a vowel? (Silence.) Please tell me you know what consonants and vowels are.

Lauren: You’re no fun, Dad. Forget it.

Me: What is a vowel?

Lauren: OK, OK. A vowel is … ahh … eh … well, oh … uh …

Me: Close enough.

Those who have forgotten to laugh at jokes or take a joke on themselves have completely forgotten the true meaning of life. We are here but for a short period of time, what else can be more important than exchanging laughter. All our serious desires get accomplished if we can work towards them sincerely. We don’t have to show everybody that we are serious about something, if we know it within us, it is more than enough.

Let us look at those who are keeping things light and enjoyable around us with a sense of admiration and appreciation. It takes a pure and clean soul to make others laugh. If service is what we are here for then those spreading laughter are doing the greatest of service. On a lighter note, rest in peace all those serious souls who have forgotten how to laugh!

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