IASbaba’s Revision Module for UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2017: International Relations (Very Important)

Hello Friends,

How are you all?

We hope you are at your best in revision and following 60 Days regularly.

Continuing our effort in assisting you in revision, here we present all International Relations related issues in a smart way that will help in consolidating your content in much better manner. Do go through this document and make the best use of it. 🙂

Download- Part 1

Download- Part 2

Also, go through Economic Survey Mind Maps and MCQs

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    thank you babaji!!!!!!!!!! expect remaining subjectwise ca compilation in upcoming days!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sambit Mishra

    Thanks a lot baba!. Waiting for more awesome notes!.

  • Abhijeet

    thanks Baba ji

  • Vivek Vikas

    when remaining subject wise ca compilation is coming

  • बजरंग

    remove the irritating and distracting ‘colourful baba’ watermark from the background

    • or make it lighter if you want to keep it

    • Mohit

      Trust me I have been telling them to do since the last year.

    • gp

      There r thousands others who don’t he any problem

  • Anand

    thanks babaji


    Again a Fine work of a fine Menator team…
    Thankz babassss………

  • Mission 2017

    Thnq sir…

  • Sushree Dash

    Words would fall short to thank the entire team for their amazing work.

  • S A

    sir when will 60 days compilation be out?

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