IASBaba’s UPSC 2016 Topper’s – Naveen Bhat (AIR-37), Nimishmabha (AIR-386) and Ajay Bidari (AIR-768) Sharing their Experience

Dear Friends,

We proudly congratulate our OFFLINE Students, Naveen Bhat (AIR-37) , Nimishmabha (AIR-386) and Ajay Bidari (AIR-768)  who have secured top ranks in UPSC CSE-2016.

In this video, they share their first hand experience of cracking the UPSC examination.

It is their sheer hard work and perseverance that has paid the dividend and materialized their dreams into reality.
So here we are with Rank-37, 386 and 768!


Other offline Students Video’s will be released one by one

Here is the list of successful candidates from IASbaba- Click Here


Thank You


  • Ghåïñt Nāddî

    Anyone here?

    • Superwarrior


      • Ghåïñt Nāddî

        Presently I am working in a bank as an assistant. Want to become an IAS officer…help me with strtgy

        • Mail us 🙂

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Kindly check mail

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            How can i subscribe for Ur monthly magazine?

        • Superwarrior

          Well, Baba is there fr u 🙂

          • Ghåïñt Nāddî

            Thnk u

  • Siddhartha_Bangalore

    Good one & thank you 4 sharing your ideas on preparation + strategy

    All the best for future endeavors !!

  • AIR-1

    I dont know why these people loss their integrity …….jab in logo ka selection hote he ye haal hai to muje lagta hai ki desh ka bhavisya andhere me hai …………….


    • LOL

    • Piyush Bhardwaj


    • Mohit

      This is very demeaning. I really don’t understand why do they promote everyone. Proper institutions should be promoted but this is a disaster.

      Now I wonder whether these rankers are from IASbaba or Shankar IAS?

      • They were part of Mains Offline Programme 2016 of IASbaba and Online Programme

        • Mohit

          So they should specifically say they prepared for this particular part from this institute.

          The future candidates will have a better understanding where to go from among a plethora of institutes.
          This will also create a healthy competition.

          • You are absolutely right Mohit. No disagreement.
            BTW Rank-6 our ILP student. Just got confirmation from him. Saying someone else is taking credit as you guys specified above 🙂
            He will feature here soon

    • Piyush Bhardwaj

      Hota ye hai ki lot of students in their 2-3 years preparation time join many coaching e.g. pre k liye koi aur coaching , to mains k liye koi aur and interview kahi aur se.
      Waise ek saying hai:
      Sunno sabki karo apne Mann ki

    • ChandraKhot

      Since people are talking about integrity,honesty and all for such a small issue.
      I thought of clarifying..I am a friend of them.They took full time classroom coaching from Shankar IAS and they took Optional test series from IASbaba. GS test series from Vision. It’s not their fault.Every coaching which has played a small or big role in their 2-3 year preparation will claim them as their student.

  • Usha T N

    Congratulations all of you . Please share Kannada litreature stratergy

  • Roshan H

    I have a big time confusion that 2016, AIR 37 Dr. Naveen Bhat and AIR 21 Dr. Nimisha Gowda. Claims that they are full-time students of Shankar IAS coaching center in their youtube video and one of their names in Shankar IAS webpage. I also see their names in your website page (IASBaba) and video. Are they were students of both? Can you clarify it clearly?

    • Hi Roshan

      They were part of Mains Offline Programme 2016 of IASbaba and Online Programmes

      • Roshan H

        Thank you!!!

    • KIRAN ygl

      Please don’t confuse yourselves and don’t try to bring negative impression on the 2toppers(naveen, nimishamba); both of them are my friends..
      We attended Shankar full time Gs class together in 2015-16 and it’s also true that they have taken mains test series with iasbaba in 2016. So they think that people of both the academies are behind their success and are talking in favour of both the institutions.. if we spread wrong things, it will be a bad precedent to the upcoming aspirants whether to believe in achievers or not. So pls don’t get confused or do not confuse others..

      • Roshan H

        Hi Kiran, I just want to say u they may be good friends to you. But, they are unknown to me and more over I never tried to bring any negative impression on them. I just asked my doubts and also wanted to know how they prepared. Unfortunately their names are also seen in InsightsonIndia website as well (offline batch 2016). For this purpose I raised that question, there is nothing to create any confusion for the upcoming aspirants or to spread the wrong things. And also thank you for clarifying it. You can check in this link. http://www.insightsonindia.com/2017/06/01/results-insights-offline-test-series-45-students-selected-upsc-civil-services-ias-exam-2016-including-india-rank-1-nandini-k-r/

        • KIRAN ygl

          My request was in general, was not targeting you or any individual in persona. If I’ve caused any hurt , I’m sincerely sorry mate:-)

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