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  • July 3, 2017
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How Much is Enough:

How far are we willing to travel to find our true meaning and purpose in life? How many times are we willing to fail to get what we want? How much are we willing to sacrifice for that one single most important goal of ours? How much of focus is required to succeed? How much of pain one needs to endure before experiencing joy and happiness? One of the most difficult questions to answer about our lives is ‘How Much’.

Everybody has a desire to succeed, find true love, experience real happiness and live a great life. But what most people are simply unaware of is how much of effort is needed to get what we want. Very few people truly comprehend and understand ‘How Much’, most others simply fall short of what is required.

If we look at people who are working hard to find their meaning, purpose and true identity in the world, we see that most of them are very sincere in their attempts. In fact people are so sincere in their efforts that they rarely question the ‘How Much’ aspect of their efforts. They simply blindly believe that they are doing enough just because they think that they are sincere in their efforts.

Understanding the ‘How Much’ aspect of what we are doing is more of a science than anything else. The only way to really understand the nature of our efforts and our sincerity to it is by scientifically and objectively looking at our efforts from a third party perspective. The best way to know if our efforts are enough is by stepping away from personal involvement and just looking at the efforts and results neutrally beyond the prejudices of the ego.

We all know how a fresh look and a new perspective can lend the most needed solutions to our problems. It is the same with understanding the ‘How Much’ aspect of what we are doing. Every step of the way we should be able to step away and look at our efforts as if we were analyzing someone else’s efforts. It really helps to learn the art of stepping away to get a better look at our efforts.

Some of the most successful people in the world have always figured out a way of looking at their lives from a third party perspective. They have figured out a way of seeing things by keeping their personal desires, preferences and their egos aside. The moment one is able to step away from their emotional involvement and look at things simplistically and practically, everything begins to fall in place.

It is absolutely imperative that one learns to constantly reflect and contemplate on the ‘How Much’ aspect of their efforts. The easiest way to do this is by objectively looking at efforts. This is probably one of the most important skills needed to be able to make the necessary adjustments, to really understand if what they are doing and how much they are doing is really enough.

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