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  • IAS baba
  • September 24, 2017
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Enlightened Living:

Most of us have hardly scratched the surface of life. The immense possibility of life is yet to be explored. We are still very primitive in our understanding of life. This is being proven again and again when we come up with new inventions and discoveries every 10 years or so.

Picture this. How different has the last 5 years been compared to the rest of your life? How much you had to change and adapt to what is happening around you? How much of learning, unlearning and relearning you had to go through in the last five years just to be in tune with what is happening around you.

Life is changing. Well, it is no secret. The whole game of life is change. If it isn’t changing, it isn’t life. There is a beautiful and wonderful understanding that can help us to handle this constant change of life. There is a way to explore and experience life to the fullest. There is a path that leads to an enlightened way of life.

There is knowledge, wisdom and understanding that has stood the test of time and has remained unchanged. A human being is like an ocean. All our troubles and disturbances are only on the surface. The moment we learn to move into the depths of our being. We can experience a sense of calmness and peace like no other. Learning to live is really learning how to get to the center of our being.

Enlightened living is all about making a conscious effort to learn and understand life. When we decide to observe our lives from within we begin to see life from a completely different perspective. We begin to acquire intelligence and intuition that can effortlessly guide us along the path of life.

First you have to really believe that such a life illuminating knowledge exists. Maybe, you have been too busy and pre-occupied with life to search for it. You have been so busy trying to make a living; you have completely missed this stream of knowledge that has been transforming lives since the beginning of time.

Enlightened Living is about being. Learning the art of being is the most important skill we need now. Everybody out there is teaching us how to become. What we really need is how to be. If we can learn how to be, then we can learn how to live. The whole essence of life is in being. If we cannot learn to be, we cannot learn to become.

Enlightened Living is a way of life filled with conscious choices and actions. When we start practicing how to be here and now, we begin to acquire the necessary wisdom and strength to handle daily challenges of life. When we fill each and every moment of our lives with conscious action, we begin our journey on a path of enlightened living.

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