IASbaba’s Current Affairs Focus (CAF) Mains 2017: Day 2

  • October 4, 2017
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IASbaba’s Current Affairs Focus (CAF)
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IASbaba’s Current Affairs Focus (CAF) Mains 2017: Day 2



Note: In few questions of CAF, you might feel that the answers are going to be lengthy. Please don’t get perturbed. We are posting these questions to let you think in a comprehensive manner. So, even if you find it difficult to adhere to the word limit, you needn’t panic. Cheers!!

1. Is it high time to tax agricultural income in India? Discuss its pros and cons. Also suggest measures to ensure an equitable, effective and efficient agricultural tax regime.

2. What is cashless and less cash economy? What are its advantages? Discuss the challenges that India is facing in the ongoing transition. Also, in this regard, examine the effects of demonetisation.

3. Agrarian distress has become a serious challenge for the economy and has grave socio-political repercussions. Examine the factors that have led to this situation. Also discuss the measures taken by the government to address the same. Do loan waivers offer a sustainable solution to this problem? Critically analyse.

4. The central government has drafted the Agricultural Produce and Livestock Marketing (Promotion and Facilitating) Act (APLM), 2017 which will replace the Agriculture Produce Markets Committee Act, 2003. Discuss its objectives, provisions and significance.

5. The food processing sector in India has got immense potential and the government has taken many initiatives to tap the same. In this light, examine the need, objective and significance of the SAMPAN scheme for the food processing industry in India.

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