IASbaba’s Current Affairs Focus (CAF) Mains 2017: Day 8

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  • October 12, 2017
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IASbaba’s Current Affairs Focus (CAF) Mains 2017: Day 8


1. Radicalisation of youth has become a grave security challenge for India. The notion that only poverty, unemployment and alienation push the youth towards extremism has been busted with many affluent, educated and mainstream young getting inclined towards radical ideas. This requires a well calibrated approach to address the challenge of radicalisation. Do you agree? Substantiate.

2. India has become a soft target for external state and non state actors with repeated attacks, incursions and intrusions witnessed in the recent past. Moreover, on the domestic front also, left wing extremism and communal tension have posed serious security threats. In this scenario, don’t you think India should have a National Security Doctrine? Critically examine.

3. What is ‘SAMADHAN’? Why was it launched? Examine its features and suitability in the present context.

4. The government has taken many steps to harness digital revolution to bring about socio-economic changes. However, the revolution is accompanied by multiple cyber security threats. In this scenario it becomes critical to secure the cyber ecosystem with greater caution and effect. Elucidate. Should India accept the Budapest convention? Critically examine.

5. Examine the ongoing turmoil in the Kashmir region. Does it pose a security threat to India. Also give your views and suggestions to address it.

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