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  • IAS baba
  • December 3, 2017
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Why So Serious?

It takes a certain amount of effort to look at our lives and study the attitude we have towards who we are , what we are doing and where we are headed. Attitude is the invisible space between two actions that is filled by our personality and individuality. Understanding our attitude towards things reveals the underlying motives and desires driving our actions.

Let us take an example of being serious about something. Most of us have simply assumed that being serious equals dedication, focus, determination and all other great qualities that are useful. Seriousness has become synonymous with hard working. The fact of it however is that there is absolutely no connection between being serious and being focused.

Seriousness is just our excuse to remain unhappy and miserable. There is a part of us that really wants to be serious and miserable. This part of us goes on coloring all our activities with shades of seriousness. In fact seriousness is a kind of immaturity. It is a sign of fear and insecurity. The more unsure you are of what you are doing, the more serious you will be.

We have a deep addiction to seriousness. We have a deep rooted subconscious belief that if we are not seriousness about something, we are wasting our time. This is reflected in almost everything we do. Not a day goes by without someone telling us, be serious about your life. This one statement has caused more pain and misery to humanity than anything else – Be Serious.

It is funny how the word ‘serious’ applies both to a clinically ill patient and to someone who is trying to accomplish something important in life! Seriousness is a serious problem in our society now. Especially when so many people are taking it seriously! We have to do something serious to tackle this serious problem of seriousness.

You see – How depressing the word ‘Seriousness’ sounds. Just using it a few times in a paragraph makes us irritated. Just imagine, we have been living with seriousness our whole lives and it has become an integral part of our lives. No wonder our life has lost its beauty, wonder, joy and simplicity. Seriousness has taken all the fun out of our activities. It has taken away our creativity and intelligence. It has made us dull and boring.

Sincerity towards something is more than enough to be focused and dedicated to accomplish something. Effort is anyways an integral part of everything we do, why not just be sincere about it. Why make everything so serious. Something changes within us the moment we make the distinction between seriousness and sincerity and choose the later. A huge burden is lifted from our shoulders. We can be playful and joyful and still accomplish all our tasks. A new dimension of intelligence opens up when we drop seriousness.

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