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  • IAS baba
  • January 7, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Life is Learning:

Learning is not a particular phase of life; it is rather, the whole of it. Life becomes simple and magical the moment we embrace learning. Throughout history Learning has always remained relevant, but in the constant changing world we live in now, continuous learning is indispensable.

Learning is not limited to a particular topic or subject; it is not limited to time or age; it is not limited to occupation or livelihood. Learning is a pure passion to know; it is an unquenchable thirst to enquire, question and understand continuously. Learning is the fuel for an inquisitive soul.

Unfortunately most of your childhood learning experiences have made learning into a purely mechanical and academic process; very few of you learn for the sake of learning; very few of you enjoy the process of learning; most of you, in the name of learning, you are constantly fighting the learning process.

Teaching is an art. There are very few teachers who are good at it. If you have been fortunate to have found those good teachers then they would have a natural tendency to learn, otherwise learning is almost always a burden. The easiest way to assess this is by observing your learning process. If you find it difficult to accept change; if you have to force yourself to learn something new, then you have been introduced to the wrong concept of learning.

There are some for whom learning is a sheer joy. They can spend hours at a stretch learning without getting tired. Their only disappointment is not finding enough time to learn. They have such zeal and enthusiasm for learning that it cannot be matched by anything else they do, so they keep coming back to learning again and again, irrespective of all the obstacles.

If you have not been given this gift of learning, it is never too late to acquire it. Instead of blindly pushing through your learning process, slow down and enjoy it. There is absolutely no such thing as boring subject if you know how to learn. Spending some time understanding your learning process and falling in love with it is the best thing you can do.

Acquiring a natural knack for learning takes time but it is worth striving for. Instead of constantly trying to push yourself towards learning, develop enough passion for learning and it will pull you towards it. Learning can be the most enjoyable of experiences if you can develop the right attitude towards it.

The best of minds accept the learning process so completely that they become one with it. They acquire an effortless knack for learning and they just keep on learning. Everything great that happens in their lives is just a natural consequence of this love for learning.

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