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  • January 28, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Negative Criticism:

Most people fail not because of their lack of talents or missed opportunities; they fail because they were unable to handle negative criticism of people around them. There is an unusual destructive quality to negative criticism, it can ruin dreams and shatter hopes. Very few people understand the impact of negative criticism. Negative criticism, especially during the early growing years, can destroy the most important faculties of human potential.

The most important process of growing up is moving from ignorance to understanding. To get to an understanding of oneself and ones abilities takes considerable time and effort. During this learning process the best things one can receive are constructive feedback, honest opinions and abundant encouragement.

Similarly the worst things one can receive during this growing period are constant criticism, negative feedbacks, discouragements and derogatory remarks. Nobody who is interested in the growth of an individual should indulge in negative criticism and insults. Nothing else destroys an individual’s morale than such types of negativity.

The human faculty flourishes on its own when it is provided the right conditions to grow. If you want to produce a flower, all you have to do is plant the seed in fertile ground, nourish it with water and wait. You cannot force the seed to germinate and produce the flower. Patience is one of the key ingredients of nourishment, without this all other efforts are in vain.

If someone is not willing to be patient with you, then they are against your growth. If you want to be guided by someone, be guided by those who display this quality of patience in abundance. If you want to guide someone, develop patience before anything else. It is far better to walk slowly in the right direction, than to run in the wrong direction.

Almost all forms of negative criticism have their roots in impatience. If you are not willing to wait then you will try too many things to eventually ruin the natural unfolding of your potential. Patience is not just the quite time between two actions; it is also the time for your mind to assimilate and understand what is happening around you. True growth happens only during these quiet moments.

To know the limitations of your mind and body and then aligning your activities accordingly will help you to stay focused and avoid unnecessary negative criticism from people around you. Learning is an enjoyable creative experience. You have to pick one learning process at a time and enjoy the experience. You cannot tune in to 5 radio stations at the same time and expect to enjoy music, you will only go mad.


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