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  • March 25, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Finding Positivity:

There are two fundamental forces driving our lives. One is the force of our mind with all its thoughts and the other is the force of the heart with all its feelings, emotions and love. These two forces are in a way diametrically opposite. Mind is driven by the need to survive and heart is driven by the need to break free and explore.

The conversation of the heart and the mind are very distinct. While the heart almost always says ‘Just do it’, the mind is constantly reminding you of your limitations by saying, ‘Dude, are you crazy?’ Life is simply an experience of going on a drive with the heart pressing hard on the accelerator and the mind pressing on the brakes!

Knowing the source of your positivity and its roots makes it that much easier to generate and sustain it. Firstly, positivity does not stem from the mind. Positive thinking is a myth. You cannot simply think your way out of problems and become positive. It takes a little more than positive thinking to ride a bicycle for the first time; it takes a sense of adventure, a sense of blind courage which has nothing to do with thinking.

The heart is the true source of positivity. In fact, heart is the only source of positivity. Mind is simply too afraid to be positive. It is impossible for the mind to be positive. What we are familiar with as positive thinking is simply a moment of triumph of the heart over the mind. When the constant noise of the mind generated by fear is silenced even for a single moment, the heart reveals its positivity.

You don’t have to go in search of positivity or learn how to generate positive thoughts. Positivity is your very nature. When you can trust the intuitive nature of your heart and learn to take a few chances, you will learn how to find that inner positivity. Learning to listen to the language of your heart is all that matters.

So how do you make a distinction between the desires of the heart and the fears of the mind? It is very simple. The language of the heart has no words and the language of the mind is nothing but words. Love, compassion, adventure, kindness, beauty, silence, creativity, music, dance, happiness and bliss all belong to the domain of the heart; there is no language in the world that can capture this.

Fear, worry, anxiety, jealousy, greed, violence, stress, confusion and madness all belong to the domain of the mind. There are words to describe these. All the books in all the libraries of the world are filled with only this language of the mind. No word has ever captured the beauty of a flower; its reality is always hidden in the silent recesses of your heart.

Positivity is simply having enough courage to listen to this silent language of the heart amidst the constant noise of the mind. Positivity is simply a brief momentary space between two thoughts. In that tiny space is hidden all your positivity and all that you are searching for.


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