IASbaba’s Think, Rethink and Perform (TRP)-Interview Discussion [Day 26]

  • IASbaba
  • March 1, 2018
  • 8
Interview Discussion-Think Rethink & Perform (TRP)
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Interview Discussion: Think, Rethink and Perform; (TRP)- Day 26


Set 1: Ask these questions to yourself; contemplate and come out with a concrete answer (not to be discussed on this forum). Invest at least 30 minutes on this set of questions.

  • What does truthfulness mean to you?  
  • Have you been true to yourself and others?
  • What can a truthful person achieve and lose in his life? Think about it.

Set 2: Analyse the following issue:

The banking sector in India is faced with multiple challenges. Enumerate these challenges and examine the causative factors. What is the way out of this mess? Suggest.

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