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  • IAS baba
  • April 22, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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Accepting Yourself Fully:

There are very few sadder sights in the world than watching a young mind full of lovely dreams and aspirations that has not yet accepted itself fully, and is struggling with an identity crisis. Such a mind might achieve something significant, or even something outstanding, but it will remain lonely and separated forever from the most important thing that matters, the only thing that matters; its own interior.

Success is not as complicated as people projected it to be. All it takes to succeed is a certain mindset and consistent effort. If you have tapped into the mindset of success and are willing to work hard enough for it till you reach your goals, then success is simply an equation of time that will solve itself in time. There is something else that requires intelligence, awareness and courage; it is the art of accepting yourself.

One can attain to happiness, contentment and peace only by accepting oneself in totality. The easiest way to understand this of course is by observing yourself and the conversations you have with yourself. Just notice how much of your daily talk is about you criticizing yourself for things that could and should have been. How much of your life has been about self-criticism.

There is a lot of difference between taking responsibility for your actions and criticizing yourself for all the silliest things that happen around you. A lot of idiotic things happen in your life because life is a happening, it is not a doing. If life were to be your doing, then you would have been right to be in a self-condemning mode all the time, because you could have controlled what was happening around you. When something is happening to you, such as life, you have to learn to accept the consequences of things that are beyond your control.

It is a wonderful sight to look at a person who is full of confidence, courage and happiness, irrespective of what is happening around him/her. True success lies in living from the inner core of your being, where you are always jovial, kind, compassionate and brimming with life. Only external situations and circumstances can pull you down and make you feel pathetic about yourself. If you don’t let that happen to you and retain a sense of individuality that is independent of what is happening around you. Then you can say that you have attained to some kind of success in life. In, fact only such an individual can claim to have succeeded. What good is your success if it depends on an external factor all the time?

There is only one success that you can truly taste, experience and enjoy; it is the success of accepting yourself fully and being at home with yourself all the time. Life becomes a magical express when you like yourself and everything you represent. Almost 90% of your problems simply disappear with this acceptance. What needs to be done will be done on the outside, sometimes you succeed and sometimes you fail, but you will not be affected by these flimsy notions of success. The moment you accept yourself fully, that is your moment of success.


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