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  • June 24, 2018
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Creative Guidance-IASbaba, Inspirational & Educative Articles
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The Journey:

So much emphasis has been given to reaching a certain destination that we forget the most important thing about going anywhere. The most important part of pursuing a goal is not the experience of getting somewhere; it is rather the experience of the journey itself.

It is the journey that makes pursuing any grand dream an exciting process. The moment we forget that life is an experiential journey, and only in the journey is there any meaning and purpose to life, we forget life itself. There is no point reaching a goal by missing the journey.

We like to pursue big dreams and goals because it makes life an exciting journey. The destination is only a reference point. The destination only helps us to stay focused and keep moving. It is only the journey that becomes a part of our life and adds any meaning at all to it.

A lot is connected to enjoying the journey of Life. It does not matter what you are pursuing. It does not even matter if you will get there or not. The most important thing to always remember is that the journey you are undertaking to reach a certain goal is unique in every way. Enjoying this unique, once in a life time journey makes life a worthwhile experience.

Think about this for a moment. When you reach a certain destination, no matter what it is, how long do you think the happiness of reaching there will last? Not very long at all; within a few days you will forget all about it and move on to the next goal. As far as the mind is concerned, there is no destination. Mind only knows the journey and nothing else.

In a mad rush to reach somewhere, we forget to pay attention to what is happening around us. We become blind to people, processes and experiences of life. We become inert to emotions and simple joys of life. Life is a movement towards a certain destination but let us never forget to enjoy the journey.

The greatest regret of life is to reach somewhere by missing everything on the path. When you lookback at your life, you should be able to say you lived. You should be able to say that you experienced each and every moment of this precious and wonderful life. If you had moved around blindly to reach one goal after another, you will fail even if you succeed. The world might look at you and say that you are a success, but you will remember your life as a big failure.

There are two realities out there; one is your reality and the other is the reality of everybody around you. Most of what you do in life is to satisfy the expectations of people around you. Never forget that the most important person who has to accept your life and call it a success is you. If you succeed according to the world and fail in your own eyes, then you would have indeed failed. Pay attention to the journey. The most beautiful aspect about life is the journey itself. Let us not miss it for anything else.

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