SURPRISE!!!! Separate Dedicated Platform for TLP Mains Answer Writing

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  • July 2, 2018
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TLP-UPSC Mains Answer Writing
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Hello Friends, 

We at IASbaba have changed the way UPSC preparation was perceived and eventually done by a candidate. Take for instance our 60-day program! While most ask you to use last 90-120 days for revision, at IASbaba we believe that you can start all over and finish the line in those many days!

That has been the difference in our attitude and approach. Minimalistic and smart!

With innovative online solutions like ILP, TLP, DNA and other initiatives we have revolutionised the way one used to prepare for Civil Services Examination.

Yet we stay hungry to do better and bigger with each passing day. The fuel of this drive comes from YOU. Yes!

Our followers and their continued support give us the motivation and urgency to keep trying our hands with innovative solutions for all your preparation needs.

And today is no different for us. We are pleased to announce the one of its kind, the most unique and never heard of- the dedicated platform for answer writing in TLP. Yes, you heard it right! We are ready with a dedicated platform for answer writing practice. The platform is 



It has been designed to give you a personalized experience where you can spend your time energy only to answer writing sessions and take advantage of the community that it will have eventually. While the fundamentals of TLP would remain the same, the experience will change dramatically. 

Go and explore the new TLP Platform to understand it better. Hopefully, you will be doubly motivated and eager to embark on your journey. 

While just like in our previous versions of TLP, IASbaba will review your answers, we urge you to take peer review sincerely. Consider a scenario, when you were in the tenth standard. With boards pressure and peer pressure, you felt that the syllabus and exams were difficult. The moment you passed that class and the moment you entered 11th standard, suddenly 10th became easy. Now suddenly you got the confidence that whatever is asked from that syllabus, you will be able to solve it.

This happens because mentally you are on the other side of the line. Your mind is relaxed and you are confident. Imagine, if this type of confidence you had achieved, before writing your 10th exam, you would have got amazing marks.

You can experience the same phenomenon in UPSC. You must have observed that a person who has already cleared the exam, is clearing the exam again and most likely with a better rank. This is not a coincidence. However, the process is still the same and equally difficult every time. But why does this happen so often?  The reason is that they have crossed that mental barrier and they are already on the other side of the line. Now they know the demand of the examiner.

You can also have that confidence, but for that, you need to cross the line too. Be an examiner yourself. It’s very difficult to judge one’s own answer. But if you develop a knack of finding mistakes in other answers, you will realize that you have been making the similar mistakes, or how you can enrich your answer.  Reviewing one answer will take around 5 – 6 minutes. Every day after posting your answer, you can review 3 – 4 answers and finally read the synopsis. You won’t have to visit the same topic again.

You can also make informal groups of 2 – 3 people and regularly review each other’s answers. You can also request other candidates to review your answers and provide a constructive feedback. It is indeed a two-way process.

People, who are consistently providing good reviews and writing a good answer, will get a chance to speak with the IASbaba mentors directly on phone and get guidance once.


Let us hope that you have a wonderful and enriching time on the new platform.


NOTE– Today’s Questions are posted on the platform.


All the Best

IASbaba Team

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