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  • August 19, 2018
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You are not your mind:

Let us without any doubt come to an understanding that we are not our minds. The moment we separate ourselves from our mind, we are giving ourselves an opportunity to learn and understand the mind. It is impossible to be objective and learn about our minds if we simply assume that we are our minds.

When we separate ourselves from our thoughts, it becomes easy to see the flaws and shortcomings of our thinking process. This gives us an opportunity to clearly see what is wrong with our thinking patterns and change them. We can alter and remake a bad cup of coffee into a better one the way we like it because we are not the cup of coffee. We can alter and change our minds only because we are not our minds.

The way to separate ourselves from our mind is to keenly observe our thinking process moment to moment. The moment we stop assuming that our thought process is there to support our desires and goals, we can become critical of our thinking process and observe what is happening moment to moment.

When we begin to observe our thoughts moment to moment we stop assuming that our thinking is always right. This makes it extremely easy to identify negative and irrelevant thought patterns to eventually change them into positive and useful thought patterns. After all, the secret to our success is hidden in our thought processes.

What we think, we become. We are nothing but an end result of a continuous thinking process. If we are not able to identify the mistakes in our thinking process, we will eventually become its victims. It is no point blaming ourselves for our ineffective thinking patterns. It is better to watch our thoughts regularly to make the necessary changes to point them in the right direction.

Dealing with our thoughts is like dealing with a mob. It is extremely difficult to control it and direct it for a certain purpose. You need to have a strong sense of understanding of what you want before directing this collective mob of your thought process. If you yourself are not sure about what you want then it is impossible to have control over your thoughts.

This is where practices like mindfulness and meditation make a huge difference in one’s success and failure. When you spend some time every day to sit quiet and watch your thought patterns, you will be giving yourself an opportunity to understand how they function. How can you solve a problem if you don’t even know how to identify it?

Observing your thoughts throughout the day will firstly help you to identify what is the problem. The secret to your success and failure is hidden in your thought patterns. The more you are able to understand your thoughts, the easier it is to bring them under your control. When you can say with absolute certainty that your mind is fully in your control, then it is not that difficult to accomplish something you want.

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