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  • September 30, 2018
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Learning from mistakes:

If there is any one fundamental factor that determines and differentiates success from failure, it has to be the ability to learn from mistakes. If you think about this a little, you will see how fundamental and crucial is the ability to learn from mistakes if one has to succeed.

We are all born with pretty much the same set of abilities. Nobody takes birth as Einstein or Edison. Even Einstein himself must have been very ignorant and stupid when he was a child. If all of us are born with the same faculties, then what is it that separates one individual from another?

Ability to learn from mistakes has to be that all-important of factors. Plainly because, nothing teaches us as much as failure; we learn more from our failures than from another process of life. In fact, there is no other process of learning than learning from failures. If we are not learning from failures, then we are not learning at all.

This is where one individual gets separated from other. Successful people don’t succeed all the time. In fact successful people fail as much as unsuccessful people, sometimes even more. It is not the number of failures that sets individuals apart. It is rather the individual’s ability to quickly learn from mistakes and never forget the learning.

There is nothing worse than making the same mistake again and again. One cannot move towards a goal in any meaningful way without learning from mistakes. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we simply keep going in circles endlessly. Registering the mistakes deeply in our memory and always remembering to not repeat it is probably the most important skill an individual can develop.

Successful people learn so quickly and so fully from their mistakes that they can re-look at problems and situations from a completely new light. They can clearly see their past mistakes and know how to steer away from them. Really, that is all there is to success. Success is all about learning from our mistakes fully.

A lot of us think that we are good at learning from mistakes. But when we introspect closely, we will realize that that is not at all the case. Very few of us have mastered the art of learning from our mistakes. Most of us are so adamantly stuck in our egos that we even refuse to learn from our own mistakes. We keep blaming external circumstances and go on making the same mistakes again and again.

Learning from mistakes requires a completely objective way of looking at situations and circumstances. There cannot be any involvement of the ego when you are trying to learn from your mistakes. The most important thing one has to remember to learn from mistakes is that there is no other way to become better at something other than through the process of learning from mistakes. We are very far from being naturally good at anything. Life is hard precisely because of this; we have to learn from our mistakes and that too in a hurry.

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