UPSC Quiz – 2019 : IAS Daily Current Affairs Quiz Day 156

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  • January 24, 2019
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IASbaba Daily Prelims Quiz
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UPSC Quiz – 2019 : IASbaba’s Daily Current

Affairs Quiz Day 156


Q.1) In recent years, there has been a tendency for the sugar mills to shift and concentrate in the southern and western states of India. Which of the following statements correctly explains this shift?

  1. The government policy is more favourable for sugar industries.
  2. Sugar consumption is more in Central and Southern India than in Northern India.
  3. Sugarcane is a yearly crop in North India, while it is a half yearly crop in South India.
  4. The cane produced in Southern India has higher sugar content than northern India.

Q.2) ‘World Economic Outlook’ is released by

  1. World Economic Forum
  2. International Monetary Fund
  3. World Bank
  4. None of the above

Q.3) During monsoon season the ‘inter tropical convergence zone’ shifts almost upto 25 degree North latitude over the Indian subcontinent while it rarely crosses 15 degree North latitude in other regions. This is because

  1. Vast landmass of Eurasia located to the North of the Equator.
  2. Intense low pressure over the North-western region of Indian subcontinent and over the vast, high altitude Tibetan plateau pulls ITCZ Northwards.
  3. Shifting of Westerly jet streams to the North of Tibetan plateau at the end of the month of May.

Select the correct code

  1. 1 and 2 only
  2. 2 and 3 only
  3. 1 and 3 only
  4. All of the above

Q.4) Which of the following statements about ‘Structural unemployment’ is NOT CORRECT?

  1. Structural unemployment is a permanent level of unemployment that’s caused by forces other than the business cycle.
  2. It occurs when an underlying shift in the economy makes it difficult for some groups to find jobs.
  3. One cause of structural unemployment is technological advances in an industry.
  4. Frictional unemployment is a result of Structural unemployment.    

Q.5) Which of the following is/are correctly matched?

  1. Aleppo: Syria
  2. Kirkuk: Yemen
  3. Mosul: Palestine

Select the correct code:

  1. 1 and 2
  2. 2 and 3
  3. 1 and 3
  4. 1 Only

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