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  • March 3, 2019
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Negative Self-Talk:

It is impossible to achieve anything big without believing in yourself fully and possessing total self-confidence. All of us possess some amount of self-confidence, otherwise we cannot even survive. But the amount of self-confidence that is needed to survive and that is needed to achieve something great is significantly different.

Most of us don’t pause and observe our levels of self-confidence. In a mad rush to reach somewhere we become blind to one of the most important qualities that can help us to succeed. Self-confidence is one of the most important qualities that is required if one has to succeed. Knowing one’s level of self-confidence can make all the difference between success and failure.

So, how do we assess our self-confidence levels? The easiest way to know our self-confidence levels is by observing the conversations we have with ourselves. Throughout the day we keep talking to ourselves about what has happened, what will happen, the consequences of actions and so many other things. Paying close attention this conversation will reveal a great deal about our self-confidence levels.

If there is excess negative self talk, then it is a clear indication of lack of self-confidence. Many possess the potential to do something big, but they lack the necessary self-confidence. The single biggest reason for this is negative self talk; I cannot do this, I am not talented, I am not fast enough, I am not smart enough, I don’t have the right knowledge, probably next time, may be not now.

Negative self-talk is not just an indicator of lack of self-confidence, it is also the inducer of lack of self-confidence. The more you keep talking to yourself in negative language, the more it becomes a part of your reality. We need to remember that our mind is very powerful. Thoughts become things. Negative thoughts and negative conversations will eventually become our reality.

The easiest way to change this and develop self-confidence is by changing the way you talk to yourself. Having a positive attitude and having positive conversations with yourself will improve your self-confidence levels significantly. Irrespective of the reality around, it is possible to always be in a positive state of mind. It requires a little bit of will power and more importantly it requires your total understanding that negative self talk can destroy your self-confidence.

This might sound a little crazy, but try this anyways. Pay very close attention to what you keep telling yourself throughout the day. Change every negative statement into a positive statement. Don’t worry about the statement being right or wrong. Just change every negative statement into a positive statement. Do this continuously for one week and observe the tremendous changes that happen within you.

Negative self talk is the single biggest destroyer self-confidence. By changing the way you talk to yourself, you can change your life. Give it a try.

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