MOTIVATION And ALL INDIA MOCK TEST 2 RESULT: It’s just another Sunday!

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  • June 1, 2019
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MOTIVATION And ALL INDIA MOCK TEST 2 RESULT: It’s just another Sunday!


Finally the day has come. Tomorrow you will enter the examination hall with high hopes, riding on your preparation, with an intention to make every moment count. Tomorrow is the day when your intellect, wisdom and skills are tested by UPSC. As your friend, mentor and guide, IASbaba has few suggestions for you:


  1. Don’t get overwhelmed by the occasion. For everyone else, it’s just another Sunday. Your destiny won’t depend on this day alone. Take the exam just like you did in your school days when you hardly bothered about the results. Enjoy the process, give your best and hold no expectation.
  2. Please don’t overthink. At the end of the day, it’s another exam. You need to answer what is asked and not get too involved into the thinking of the paper setter behind the questions. If you have prepared well, your first instinct would be correct most of the times. Just because it’s an exam conducted by UPSC, it doesn’t mean that the questions HAVE to be tricky and confusing.
  3. Condition your mind and soul. Relax, take rest and meditate to attain a calm state of mind. Don’t be overexcited or over enthused. A stable and calm mind performs better than a highly anxious or excited one.
  4. Condition your body. Take proper sleep tonight, drink a lot of water (since its burning heat in most of India), take light food and wear comfortable clothes. Even the most brilliant of minds can’t perform if the body isn’t in proper shape.
  5. Don’t think about the cut off during the examination. Give your best and let UPSC decide the cut off. Go to the exam hall with a neutral mindset (without any assumptions).
  6. Never discuss the paper during the break. You will have ample time after the second paper to discuss the soul out of the papers.


What you are today is the aggregate of your efforts and hard work that you have put in during the last few months. This is the best version of you, until of course it is overtaken by a better version of yours in the days to come. However, let your present version take on the challenge with full vigour and confidence. It simply means, don’t doubt yourself. If you doubt yourself today, it will count as a betrayal to your self esteem and sincerity. You and only you have the ability to crack this examination and therefore, trust your preparation, have faith in your instincts and let your intelligence perform without any pressure.



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(Total students who gave GS test – 5 ,138; CSAT – 1,003. Ignore the marks with 180+)


All the best !

IASbaba Team

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