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  • August 25, 2019
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What is Success?

Success is one of the hardest things to define, because success can mean very many things to very many people. Yet, if we have to somehow summarize our different life experiences and come to an understanding of what success is, we can define it as the ability to direct our mind and body towards a certain goal.

Pursuing a goal with intelligence, awareness, hard work and problem solving skills, and getting to that desired goal constitutes success. Success is the journey one takes on the path of accomplishing his/her life’s desires and goals.

Success is always personal. Although people can recognize your success externally, the real meaning of success is always internal. If you yourself have not accepted your success then it simply doesn’t matter whether people have accepted it or not. Defining the meaning of success, as clearly as possible, is the first step in moving towards your goals.

So what exactly is success? How do we define success? More than anything else, success is a mindset. We don’t just succeed or fail in trying to accomplish certain activities; we succeed and fail in life as a whole. Success cannot be simply divided into different activities we are trying to accomplish.

We either succeed in everything or fail in everything. This might be a little difficult to understand but spare a moment and give it a thought. Why is it that some people seem to succeed in life again and again, as often as they want, while most others struggle to succeed at even the simplest of things?

The reason for this is, success is not an activity; it is a mindset. Once you have truly grasped the mindset of success, the formula of success, you will know how to apply it in different situations. On the contrary if you have not figured out the secret of success, succeeding at even one thing will seem like an herculean task.

People who succeed again and again have mastered the mindset of success. Some of the components of this mindset of success are – learning to handle failures, quickly bouncing back from set-backs, using your intelligence and awareness, possessing courage and confidence, ability to take risks, persistence, patience, determination etc.

Notice how not a single thing that will help you to succeed has absolutely nothing to do with any particular activity. Success is all about our internal state of being and how we control and direct our mind and body. Mastering this internal state of success is the only way to assure your success.

This is why it is so important to pay attention to what is happening within you. You have to learn the art of observing your thoughts and learning from it. You have to pay more attention to the qualities of success than simply slogging through different activities. Get the formula right and you will know how to succeed at anything.

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