Current Affairs Focus (CAF) – Day 9:The last leg of your journey before the final test !

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  • September 19, 2019
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TLP-UPSC Mains Answer Writing
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Current Affairs Focus (CAF) – Day 9:The last leg of your journey before the final test ! 


Please Note that, 

  • In CAF, Evaluation will not be done nor Synopsis will be provided. Through the questions, you will get to know the most important topics for Mains 2019 related to Current Affairs. But, we would advice you to make the best use of this initiative, by practicing answer writing 7 answers on daily basis on our TLP Platform.


Hello Friends,

Welcome to  IAS UPSC, CAF- 2019, Day 9. Questions are based on CAF Mains 2019, General Studies Paper 3,

Click on the links and then answer respective questions! 

1. What are your views on India’s ‘No First Use’ nuclear doctrine? Should it be reviewed keeping in view the changing security dynamics in the region? Critically examine.

2. What are the problems associated with India’s defence acquisition model? Examine. Are there ways to address it? Suggest. 

3. What is Libra? Will it create a positive impact on the global economic system? What are the apprehensions with Libra? Discuss. 

4. There are looming threats of an ISIS entry into India. Should India be worried? What preventive measures can be taken to avert this threat? Analyse. 

5. What new strategies are the Maoist insurgents adopting to inflict maximum damage to the security personnel and administration? How can it be tackled? Discuss. 

6. Will the amended UAPA Act strengthen India’s counter terrorism apparatus? Critically examine. 

7. India needs a comprehensive space security architecture. Do you agree? Substantiate. 

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