Current Affairs Focus (CAF): The last leg of your journey before the final test ! Day 2

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  • September 10, 2019
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TLP-UPSC Mains Answer Writing
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Current Affairs Focus (CAF): The last leg of your journey before the final test ! Day 2



Please Note that, 

  • In CAF, Evaluation will not be done nor Synopsis will be provided. Through the questions, you will get to know the most important topics for Mains 2019 related to Current Affairs. But, we would advice you to make the best use of this initiative, by practicing answer writing 7 answers on daily basis on our TLP Platform.


Hello Friends,

Welcome to  IAS UPSC, CAF- 2019, Day 2. Questions are based on CAF Mains 2019, General Studies Paper 1,

Click on the links and then answer respective questions! 

1. What is de-globalisation? What are its implications for India? Examine. (10 marks)

2. What is liveability index? Discuss the broad pillars on which the index is based. What is the significance of having such index? (10 marks)

3. What is the Gram Swaraj Abhiyan? How will it help in poverty alleviation? Analyse. (10 marks)

4. What is the Global Hunger Index (GHI)? What are the parameters and indicators of this index? How does India fare in the latest GHI? Should India’s position be a cause of concern? Discuss. (10 marks)

5. The city of Cape Town in South Africa faced the worst water crisis last year. In many Indian cities also, including Bengaluru and Chennai, there are fears of water taps running dry in few years. What are the causative factors of the water crisis in India and various parts of the world? Is there a need to adopt a new agenda on water action? Comment. (15 marks)

6. Urban flooding has become a major challenge in many Indian cities. What are the factors leading to urban inundations? What is the way out? Suggest short term and long term measures to address the problem of urban flooding. (15 marks)

7. Should India enact a strict population control law? Examine the pros and cons of such move. (15 marks)

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