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  • November 24, 2019
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State of Mind:

At any given point in time you are either in a positive or a negative state of mind. When you observe this, you will realize that you are off balance throughout the day, because you can’t remain in one stable emotional state. Sometimes you’re happy, sometimes you’re sad, and sometimes you are frustrated or disappointed.

Emotional swings are simply the products of your circumstances, your expectations, and your reactions to them. You can’t be in control of your emotions all the time; trying to control an emotion is like trying to stop a boulder that is rolling downhill.

Before you make any decision, it’s important to recognize the state of mind you are in. A decision made from a negative state of mind could be a decision that you will eventually regret.

You can build something for years while in a positive state of mind and in a single moment of frustration you can throw it all away. The problem is not the constant swinging between positive and negative states; the real problem lies in not knowing how to recognize and control these swings.

This is where silence comes in. Silence doesn’t care about your emotional swings. It is an empty space where you don’t need to be happy or sad, excited or depressed – in silence, you can simply be. When you enter that empty space and experience its serenity and calmness, you will know that silence is the most beautiful thing that could have happened to you.

Mindfulness is another very important practice that needs to be developed. Being mindful of every action throughout the day totally transforms your day. You can start with something simple, like taking a walk. When walking, instead of drifting in thoughts, calmly watch your steps. Letting the mind drift allows fears, worries, and frustrations to enter.  Being mindful of the present moment allows you to relax and not be bothered with too many thoughts.

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