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  • April 12, 2020
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Influence of Thoughts:

Thoughts are not just images that run in your mind. The very functioning mechanism of your mind is a thought. That is why it is difficult to understand just how far the influence of thoughts extends into your life. Thoughts influence your body, your actions, and your desires; everything is a part of your thought process.

The whole journey of meditation is to experience a moment of thoughtlessness. When you experience a moment without a thought, one of the most wonderful realizations happens to you – “There is no thought, but I still am. Although I am not reflecting on any thought, although I am not reflecting on the body, the mind, or the world, I have not disappeared. I still exist.”

When someone asked Buddha what the ultimate experience of Enlightenment is, he called it “Nothingness.” Look at the beauty of this: He said, “Nothingness.” The ultimate experience a human being can have is “Nirvana” or “Nothingness”. “Nothingness” is simply a moment of no thought, because if there is a thought, then there is still something there.

If there is a thought about the body, then the body exists. If there is a thought about a tree, then that tree exists. Nothing can exist without a thought. When you experience Enlightenment, you are in the zone of no thought, and that is why Buddha called it “Nothingness”. Consider the beauty of this: Although there is absolutely nothing to experience, there is still someone experiencing “Nothingness”. Who is experiencing this “Nothingness”? It is You.

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