Creative Guidance: Book Review – Essential Rumi – Coleman Barks

  • IAS baba
  • July 25, 2020
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Essential Rumi: Coleman Barks

Essential Rumi is a collection of Rumi’s best poems and stories. Rumi stands miles appart from his deep understanding of life and human phenomenon from the rest of humanity. A mystic at heart, his peoems reach out to the inner most core of our being, where there is always a constant and never ending yearning for love and connection.

Although at times a little too mystical to comprehend, careful and reflective reading will reveal untold secrets of humanities greatest struggle for love, meaning and connection. Rumi’s poems are a painful quest for love. He belongs to the mystical branch of Islam, the Sufis. Sufi poetry is not structred or purpose oriented. It emerges as a longing for love. Rumi is at the pinnacle of Sufi expression of love.

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