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  • July 26, 2020
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Science of Silence (Continued):

At the same time, meditation is something more than just a science; it is a mystical experience. A mystical experience does not fall within the boundaries of linear time and logic. That’s why it’s mystical; it happens quickly, it happens suddenly, it happens in a moment, it happens without notice. If you can explain it, then it’s science. If you cannot explain it and yet you can feel the effects of it and you can experience something, then that is mystical.

One part of meditation is all about the method: Practice, dedication, focus, and continuing your practice. You can track your progress in months or in years. This is all part of the science of meditation.

Another part of meditation does not happen from the past to the future. It does not move in a linear fashion. It happens from this moment to a deeper moment. While you are thinking that you’re going ahead in meditation, you’re actually going deeper. This going deeper cannot be measured, because we have no way to measure the depth of anything.

We can measure things that move from left to right or top to bottom; we can measure things that move in our spatial dimension. All of the things that happen within that other dimension, the fourth dimension of space where emotions and feelings happen; where the depth of perception happens, cannot be captured.

The most important thing that happens to us as human beings, as we grow into something, as we evolve into something, cannot be captured and cannot be seen. That part is the mystical part of meditation. It is beyond our comprehension. It is not just “ABC”; it is something else.

The real part of meditation is a jump from this moment to this moment. That jump can happen anytime. When it happens, it happens to you as if it’s happening for the first time. That is why the real shift in meditation happens as if you were sitting in meditation for the first time.

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