Day 45 – Q 3. You must have come across news items reporting instances of great tolerance and empathy towards the weaker sections. Can you recount a few of those? How did they inspire you? Discuss. 

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  • July 31, 2020
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Ethics Theory, GS 4, TLP-UPSC Mains Answer Writing
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3. You must have come across news items reporting instances of great tolerance and empathy towards the weaker sections. Can you recount a few of those? How did they inspire you? Discuss. 
आप कमजोर वर्गों के प्रति महान सहिष्णुता और सहानुभूति के उदाहरणों की रिपोर्टिंग करने वाले समाचारों में आए होंगे। क्या आप उनमें से कुछ को याद कर सकते हैं? उन्होंने आपको कैसे प्रेरित किया? चर्चा करें।

Demand of the question:

It expects students to recall instances of great tolerance and empathy towards weaker sections from news items. It also expects students to write about how these instances have inspired them.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to test its tolerance and empathy attributes by posing a question of survival in front of humanity. Amidst this crisis many people around the world have come together to help people besides practising attributes of tolerance and empathy.


Instances of tolerance and empathy: 

  • Khalid ahmed a 24 year old mechanical engineer started a trust, which helps bury unclaimed bodies and takes homeless persons with injuries to government hospitals and shelters.
  • Daily wagers, footpath vendors, migrant labourers have all had their only source of income snuffed out by the lockdown. To help them stay afloat, the city’s army of volunteers has stepped in, doing their bit in multiple ways. e.g. Many of organisations have come together and are helping the people by distributing food packets and other essentials.
  • Bollywood actor Sonu sood arranged bus service for migrants to return to their homes.
  • Business tycoon Ratan Tata donated nearly 1500 correct rupees to help the needy people.
  • In Australia shop owners reserved early hours spot for elderly people so that they can get essentials before it runs out.
  • In Singapore the President and  cabinet took one month pay cut to show empathy towards workers.
  • In France LVHM a perfume company opened it factories to manufacture and  distribute free hand sanitizer to people. 

Inspiration from these acts:

  • Acts of providing food and other essentials during covid-19 gives us an inspiration to show empathy for weaker sections.
  • It also shows us to show compassion for them by helping them.
  • It shows us that money, matter or any other physical material happiness is not the sole aim of human life. Whereas respecting each other and helping each other is the real way of life.
  • The huge donations like the ones done by Ratan tata helps us to understand that, even though if we acquire lot of money and get rich, we should give back to society in times of need through the attribute of empathy, compassion and tolerance.
  • Acts of Khalid Ahmed who help the homeless people show that we should not discriminate others based on religion, race, caste , sex etc. Rather we should be tolerant to these kind of unnecessary things and should show solidarity for them.
  • Pay cuts taken by the government officials try to inspire us by showing the importance of practising fraternity and brotherhood irrespective of a person’s occupation. It also inspires us to not to discriminate person based on his/her profession. Rather respect it.
  • The acts of arranging food services and bus services for the destitute inspires us to be down to earth while acting in society despite the so called higher status in society.
  • Acts of giving shelter to weaker sections shows the application of compassion in true spirit.


In the crisis like situation people come together and help each other. The qualities of empathy, compassion and tolerance have made our surroundings a better place and hence strengthening these values and practising them in reality will surely help us to make this world a more better place.

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