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  • September 6, 2020
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The True Self:

Every time you reflect on aliveness, it is done through the body. You wake up in the morning and think that the process of waking up and observing everything around you is aliveness. What if aliveness is not an isolated phenomenon that is happening just within you? What if aliveness is the very stuff existence is made of? What if you are sleeping and waking up in an ocean of aliveness, and you are totally unaware of it?

Well, that is exactly how it is. You have simply confused the physical and mental processes of your body and mind with aliveness. It is very easy to confuse aliveness with the processes of your mind and body, because you simply don’t know what it is to experience aliveness without the mind and body.

You sleep, wake up, eat, walk, think, and dream with the body, so naturally, aliveness gets completely attached to the body. What you are searching for is an experience of pure aliveness without the disturbance of your mind and body. That pure aliveness is your True Self and that is what you are missing in life.

You have always assumed that you are alive because you have a body. Just close your eyes for a moment and ask this question to yourself. What if reality is the other way around? What if your aliveness is not the product of your body but the source of it? The question of aliveness has tormented us since the beginning of time.

The answer to this question is what we have been searching for through philosophy, religion, science and spirituality. It doesn’t take too much intelligence to figure out that there is a problem in assuming that the body gives rise to aliveness and consciousness.

How can a physical and mechanical body give rise to something as beautiful and mysterious as consciousness? How can a gross material body give rise to something as subtle as aliveness? This is what we have been searching for in the name of God, Truth, and Ultimate Reality. What we have been searching for is the source of our aliveness, without realizing that aliveness itself is the source of everything.

“This article is a part of the creative endeavor of Meditation Farm and IASBABA.”

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