Creative Guidance: Book Review – The Golden Age of Zen – John Wu

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  • October 17, 2020
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The Golden Age of Zen: John Wu

Sometimes life unravels the best of his mysteries when we are not trying to understand it. Sometimes, the best of things to do is nothing. Zen is all about the practice of doing nothing. There is a big difference between a zen doing nothing, and simply doing nothing. In Zen, one accomplishes many things by doing nothing.

John Wu gives a wonderful introduction to the silent world of Zen. He unravels the mystery of doing nothing, and yet doing everything. He opens up a great path to self discovery and happiness. Zen is a complete philosopy of life, happines, well-being and beyond. This book helps one discover its magic.

Zen is not inaction; it is about being silent amidst of lots of activity. It is about cultivating a mindset of inaction amidst action. Rest is the birthplace of wisdom, creativity and intelligence. Zen teaches how to cultivate this state of rest and make it your own.

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