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  • December 27, 2020
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Why you should dream big:

There are as many ways of living life as there are number of people on this planet. No two lives are ever the same, and yet, there are few common mistakes that a majority of people tend to make that they eventually come to regret. They say hindsight is 20-20. Yes, life makes sense only when we look back at our experiences, but there are a few mistakes that we can avoid just so that we don’t regret later.

The number one mistake people make is settling for less. Ask anybody who has been successful, and they will tell you that the single biggest regret they have is not dreaming big. It is easy to settle for less – the mind feels comfortable – you don’t have to work too hard – more importantly, you don’t have let go of what is familiar. But, you will surely come to regret your decision to settle for less.

It is in the very nature of the human mind that the smaller the desires, the smaller the goals, the less interested and enthusiastic our mind is in accomplish it. There is a very important part of the mind that draws most of its energy from trying to strive for something bigger.

Bigger doesn’t just mean size or scale. Big is always about what moves you. Dreaming big is about pursuing your highest possible desire or goal; a desire that can have a grander purpose, something that you would like to be defined as. The single biggest mistake people make while pursuing a goal is choosing one based on the limitations of the life that they have already lived.

There is something magical about pursuing a big goal. It gives you enough motivation and strength to move towards it. It takes away unwanted distractions and helps you to stay focused. It helps you to prioritize and avoid pitfalls. It is that much more difficult to get your mind to do all this when you are pursuing a goal just for the sake of pursuing it.

When you have not given a strong enough reason for your mind to pursue a goal, it will simply not be interested in it. This is where people find it hard to stay motivated. If you are struggling to stay motivated, go back and relook at your goals. Most probably they are not big enough, strong enough, or deep enough for your mind to get enthusiastic about it.

If you want to change just one thing, change the way you set goals. More importantly, change the way you visualize your goals. Instead of worrying too much about whether you can achieve it or not, spend more time understanding why is it important for you to get to that goal. The more you understand the why of your goals, the how will automatically fall into place. At the end of the day, it’s only the biggest of goals that gets accomplished.

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