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  • December 17, 2020
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Dear Friends,

The world has changed! Isn’t it? The way we consume information, process news, and respond to events has been transformed by the social media revolution. At no time in human history, have we witnessed change at such a rapid pace as we are observing today. As trends change every minute, and we get drowned with information after every click and swipe, we must accept the fact that we have changed, at fundamental levels.

At the same time, technology, social media, immediate access to the internet, and smartphones (especially those notifications) are hurting aspirants’ ability to focus

Aspirants, now seem to find it particularly exhausting to read complex or long texts without regular breaks and spending their time on social media platforms.   

Therefore, we too decided to adopt new learning techniques to accommodate students raised by technology. 

And how are we going to do this?

By “meeting aspirants/students where they are” — on platforms like YouTube, Telegram and Instagram etc. 


We are pleased to announce a set of initiatives on social media apps that are customised to the needs of the student fraternity, with a mix of syllabus-based and activity-based content that prepares aspirants’ minds to become effective thought leaders of tomorrow. 

Each day, we will be updating multiple posts of UPSC Relevant Facts, Content, Quotes, Mind Maps, puzzles, — in an interactive and fun format that students can relate to and engage with easily. 

It will focus on relevant content and important news and developments to keep aspirants informed of current events in India and the world. 

Initiative 1: Mind Maps 

“Mind maps are great when you need to organize ideas, thoughts, or concepts and see how they are interrelated.”

Initiative 2: Guess What?

Visuals and pictures are among the important methods for improving your memory and it aids to recall what you learnt. 

Small exercise of “Guessing” on a regular basis will keep your mind engaged and helps to learn elimination techniques required for Prelims. 

Initiative 3: #WhatTheFact

Facts and performance figures can be handy to back your ‘opinion’ or ‘views’ especially while answering in MAINS or INTERVIEW.  

Initiative 4: Did You Know?

‘Did you know’ section will not only replenish your knowledge but also enhance and sharpen your skills, as you will be aware of a wide range of information and views of scholars and philosophers. 

Initiative 5: #BabaGyan

Gyan is a powerful tool and without it, one would be lost and would not have a meaningful life. It’s through ‘Gyan’ we learn our way of life. Gyan helps us make everyday choices or decisions. 

These initiatives with a striking use of pictures, graphics, and info boxes provide a visual representation of information that is digestible, easy-to-understand, and highlights the important bits. 

The content from these creatives or flashcards will be helpful while answering in MAINS, PRELIMS, and INTERVIEW STAGE.

It is therefore with great pleasure, we decided to share this small write-up about the exciting initiatives so that it can reach a wider student audience.

What are you waiting for?

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