[MOTIVATION] – Be Indifferent to Your Mood

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  • December 13, 2020
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Our lives are full of excuses. Isn’t it? You don’t want to wake up early because you sleep too late. You prefer being a couch potato rather than going for a brisk walk because you are too tired from studies. You don’t want to practice answer writing because you are occupied in completing the syllabus first.

 Deep within your heart, you hate yourself for these lame excuses. You also know that your excuses might heart you really bad. But then, you are too despondent to show some strength of character and get out of the rut. Who is going to be the loser? You and only you!

 We understand that you might be having your challenges stopping you from being productive and exam ready for UPSC. However, success comes to those who overcome the impediments and sustain their efforts and momentum. After all, an examination that has a pass percentage of less than 0.1%, laxity and indifference can never be the winning combination. In our 5 year journey, we have witnessed many success stories. We have seen smiling faces, gleaming with the satisfaction of cracking arguably the toughest exam in the world. But behind those shining faces and smiles, there are hundreds of sleepless nights, hours of efforts and boundless perseverance to stay in the race. Now ask this question – are you doing what is needed to become a civil servant? An honest answer will be the best motivation that you can have. If you feel you are on the right path, congratulations! You must keep the momentum. However, if you are lacking in your efforts and dedication, NOW is the time to do the course correction. Pull up your socks and push yourself to achieve your dreams.

 If you have lost the momentum, start building it slowly. For example, if you have stopped writing daily answers on the TLP platform, you can restart by answering only two questions a day and then build on your initial momentum. While we understand that sustaining the same level of efforts might be difficult in the long run, you need to come out strongly from the ebb and flows of personal motivation. You need to nurture the habit of getting indifferent to your current state of mindset. Just like your daily routine, preparation for the civil services must become an integral and unavoidable aspect of your life. The only way to do it is to force yourself to write the answers irrespective of your ‘mood’ or motivation.

 If you are successful in going through this tricky phase, you will achieve success for sure.

All the Best!

IASbaba team

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