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  • January 24, 2021
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Masculine and Feminine Qualities:

On the outside the difference between masculine and feminine is obvious. Our physicality gives away this secret very easily, and yet, on the inside, this differentiation is not that obvious. There are masculine and feminine qualities shaping our lives, irrespective of whether we are male or female on the outside.

For example, qualities like ambition, greed, quest for name and fame, desire for physical effort might all be considered as masculine qualities. Not to say that these qualities belong to a man, but by nature they are masculine.

Similarly, qualities like recognition of beauty, creative spark, openness and receptivity, love and acceptance, tolerance and kindness are all feminine qualities. Again, not to say that these qualities are displayed by woman alone, but by nature these qualities are feminine.

Irrespective of our gender, our lives are shaped by both by the masculine and feminine qualities. Knowing the difference between the two helps us to develop a more holistic and balanced relationship with life and ourselves.

For example, when you know that ambition is a masculine quality, and you realize that you are being totally consumed by it, losing a sense of appreciation for simple joys of life, you can make a conscious effort to bring in some feminine qualities, such as loving, caring, sharing etc.

A beautiful life is a perfect balance of the masculine and feminine qualities dwelling within us peacefully. In fact, when you realize that you are missing something in life, if you pay close attention to it, you will realize that one of the qualities; either masculine or feminine would have taken over your life completely. Just by knowing this, you can restore the balance again.

“This article is a part of the creative endeavor of Meditation Farm and IASBABA.”

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