[NEW INITIATIVE] WEEKEND WITH BABA – Live Sessions with Mohan Sir Every Saturday on YouTube!

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  • May 4, 2021
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IASbaba Prelims 60 Days Plan
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Weekend with Baba - Mohan Sir

Hello Everyone,

We are living in difficult times. We are all witnessing horrors, seeing our loved and dear ones suffer and undergo pain. Many of us had to feel that pain and suffering ourselves. We have seen people succumbing to the deadly virus. Nothing can be more painful than losing our friends and family or watch them suffer, without having the chance to say a final goodbye. It is a phase in our lives that we wished never would have come.

In such testing times, we are witnessing human resolve to fight and survive. Each day, we see numerous individuals helping each other, trying to reach out to the needy with all possible help. The kind of solidarity we have seen in the last few weeks is truly inspirational.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the civil services aspirants too. With dates getting extended and uncertainty looming, students are finding it difficult to focus. In such distressing times, we decided to extend our support to the aspirants’ community by opening a communication channel – Hotline#ASKBABA, Phone-a-Friend wherein any UPSC Aspirant can get in touch with the Core Team of IASbaba on telephone regarding ‘any queries’ related to UPSC preparation.

Continuing with our effort of guiding students in the time of need, now you can reach out to Mohan Sir (Founder, IASbaba) and Mentors at IASbaba.

We are starting a weekly live discussion session. So, let’s have ‘WEEKEND WITH BABA’.

For this week all you have to do is, post your questions/queries in the comment section below with #ASKBABA.

These questions/queries will be discussed by Mohan Sir which will be premiered on 8th May at 6:00 PM on YouTube (Link will be updated soon).

Also in this session, you will be able to ask ‘any general queries’ regarding UPSC preparation (like planning, how to read, revision or any other difficulties you come across when you are preparing for the exam) with Mohan Sir and the Core Team. We will be your Friend, Guide, and Philosopher.

Please note that, subject-specific doubts will be answered ONLY on the 60 day post with the #ASKBABA.

There is NO REGISTRATION required.

The second session onwards ‘WEEKEND WITH BABA’ will feature talks/discussions/seminars by various faculty, subject experts, toppers, motivational speakers, etc.

More than anything, it is our little effort to let you know that we are here for you, come what may. During times like these, we have to stand for each other and for ourselves. Let us connect to overcome this time.

Your ‘IASBABA’ will be live every Saturday at 6 PM on YouTube.

The First Session will be on 8th May (6 PM onwards).

Now, you can start sharing your questions/queries/doubts with #ASKBABA (related to UPSC Preparation) in disqus comment box below and Upvoting can follow. Remember maximum upvotes will be given priority.

Feel free to share your queries because many of the questions that you are having, will be the same as other candidates. Your questions might help others in clarifying their doubts.

Waiting to talk to you soon!

P.S: ‘CONNECT WITH BABA’ consists of the following – Hotline, #AskBaba, Phone-a-Friend, (Monday – Friday between 10am to 6 Pm) and ‘Weekend with Baba’ (Every Saturday on You-tube with Mohan Sir from 6pm – 7pm).

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All the best 🙂


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