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  • July 18, 2021
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Learning to be Silent:

Your personality can never be defined by your mind, but that’s exactly what we do. We let our minds decide our personalities. We let our minds decide our strengths and weaknesses, whatever they might be. Eventually, we let our minds completely control our lives. And then, we worry about our personal identity, finding happiness, when everything is right here.

Learning how to be above and beyond language, learning how to be quiet, that’s the greatest trick of life.  You can crack that code. The day you are able to get to that point where you can choose when to speak and when not to speak internally – not outside. Outside of course, we have control; we can we can decide whether we want to say something or not. Well, maybe not everybody, but a majority of them.

When we are in a nice, peaceful, state of mind, we can control what we say on the outside, but the bigger challenge is: Can we control what we tell ourselves inside? An even bigger challenge is: Can we not say anything? Nothing. Not even say, “I’m quiet now.”  That is language. When you tell yourself you are silent, you are not silent. When you tell yourself you’re peaceful, you’re not peaceful.

When there is nothing but the absence of sound, absence of conversation, absence of language –  Do you want to know what bliss is? Do you want to know what existence is? Do you want to know what eternity is? Do you want to know what life is? Do you want to know where you have come from, where you are going? Do you want to know the secret of life? Become silent. As long as you’re noisy, you’re only listening to the language that is introduced to you by society, by the people around you. To listen to your own inner voice you have to become silent.

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