[MOTIVATION] UPSC CSE Results 2020: Message to All Civil Service Aspirants – Beyond Success and Failure!

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  • September 30, 2021
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Dear Friends,

We are overjoyed by your success! We are really lucky that we get to experience this jubilation year after year. Each year, the feeling of joy is more intense and close to our hearts. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us such wonderful times. You have created this wonderful moment, with us as your friend, philosopher, and guide.

If your name was written on that coveted PDF, it is a matter of immense pride. You have tasted success in one of the most competitive exams of the world! It is no small feat! You deserve to be at the place where you find yourself today. We take real pride in the fact that we could contribute towards your success. As you put your faith in us, we had immense belief in your perseverance and determination. That we could play a part in your success is a reflection of your hard work and attitude. Bask in the glory of your success. You deserve it. Thank your parents, teachers, family and friends. They have all played important roles in your success. With success, you must embrace gratitude and humility. Be grounded and humble. It will help you achieve even greater heights in your life.

Do keep in mind the reason that inspired you to take this exam. You wanted to make an impact, isn’t it? Now, you will get the tools and platform to do that. Never forget the purpose of your professional life in civil services. You are going to have the privilege to be in a position where only a handful of people can be. Use your privilege with humility. Take your power as a responsibility and use it to make the lives of your fellow Indians better.

You have this wonderful opportunity to make a difference. We are sure that just like your success in the civil services exam, you are going to shine professionally in your career also. We extend our heartiest wishes for your career and future. Please share your experience with us so that the student community as a whole can learn from your journey.

We are happy to announce that our students have bagged 20 out of the top 100 ranks, and over 125+ have been successful in UPSC Civil Services Examination, 2020.

These 125+ students have been part of our Baba’s Foundation Couse (Baba’s FC), Integrated Learning Program (ILP), Gurukul, Think Learn Perform (TLP) Mains Test Series, TLP Connect (Prelims + Mains Test Series) and Prelims Test Series and Interview Mentorship Program (IMP) & not just regular followers of the website!!

To See the Complete List of  IASbaba’s Toppers – CLICK HERE

The list would look much longer considering the fact the 1 in every 3 aspirants (on the conservative side) makes use of the IASbaba Website for his/her UPSC preparation.


A few words for those who couldn’t qualify:

We all look back in life and think about the things that we could achieve and that we couldn’t. Most of the times we realise that our life of today is an aggregate of the many small and big events that occurred in the past. Even if we take one of the moments away from the massive equation that our life is, the shape and texture of what we call the ‘present’ will be quite different. This simple realisation is enough to make you understand the point we are trying to put forward.

Your failure today is nothing but a stepping stone towards the success of tomorrow. That you couldn’t qualify the last stage of the civil service examination, won’t mean a thing after 5 years as you administer a district in your home state or look after the law and order in a big metropolitan. The stepping stones of your success are bound to be sour and sweet. You can’t always expect a pill to taste sweet after all!

But you need to learn. Learn from your mistakes. We just made the most cliched statement ever, but we can’t help it. You have to learn by looking back at your past year. There is no other way to make a stronger case next year. In an examination that leaves no scope for error, a seemingly innocuous mistake on your part could be the reason that luck didn’t turn in your favour this year.

Try to look for clues. What may have went wrong? Was it that one question you could have replied better in the interview? Was is that one answer you could have explained better by providing relevant examples? While no one can be perfect, do try to at least move towards it next year. We don’t want to ignore all the hard work that you have put in for this attempt. At the same time, we want you to increase your effort a notch higher to ensure that success doesn’t remain elusive to you next year.

Like always, we are there with you in this journey. You are not in this journey alone. There is a big community of candidates who are going to reappear next year. Success will surely come to those who are able to recoup and march on. Those who prefer to stay in a rut for the next few weeks and months, contemplating too much on their lack of success, will find it increasingly difficult to catch up.

We are here to make sure that you don’t enter this phase. We are here to keep you on your toes. We urge you to shake yourself out of the myriad emotions pulling you back. Keep yourself busy with the initiatives on IASbaba. They are designed to make you march one step at a time, allowing you to feel better with each passing day. Read chapters, solve MCQs, write answers and keep yourself motivated. Losing momentum will be the last thing that you want at this point of time. So buckle up, once again, maybe one final time!

Our experience in the last 6 years has taught us one thing- No failure is final! We are confident that you will taste success with us. Let’s start this journey together, and NOW!

All the Best 🙂


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