[BENGALURU OFFLINE CLASSES] Baba’s Foundation Course (FC) 2023 CLASSROOM PROGRAM for Freshers – New Batch Starting from 3rd January 2022

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  • December 22, 2021
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Dear Students

There is a lot of emotion attached to the preparation of civil services in our country. Why? Well, because people start their UPSC journey mostly after they have graduated. Don’t forget those who leave their jobs to enter the race for the few hundred most prestigious posts in India. Since by its design itself, the candidates start the UPSC journey in their early or mid-20s, the ride is often bumpy and full of sacrifices. But why are lakhs of candidates willing to invest the prime of their youth preparing for an exam? There must be something that goes beyond the cliched explanations like power, prestige, or patriotism. We are mentoring civil service aspirants for more than 6 years and even we haven’t found the perfect answer. It is perfectly fine not to have the answers to certain questions, isn’t it? Whatever your motivation is behind your drive to become a civil servant, we respect that and we wish you all the luck.

Now, if you are reading this and you have embraced the idea of starting your journey, you are at the right place. The journey of UPSC is not easy after all. To compete with the best, you need the best preparation. This is where we come in. We are committed (since the day we came into being) to give civil service aspirants the most precise and the highest quality tools to crack this exam. No one can deny the importance of the right mentorship in success. What we do through the plethora of initiatives on our platform is to provide the most effective mentorship to our students. We believe in quality and our tools are designed on the simple principle of smart and effective work.

Whereas IASbaba has been providing the best possible guidance to the civil service aspirants for the last 6 years, what is the best one can expect from us? Does IASbaba have a program that combines the best of all the great initiatives, be it 60 Day, TLP, or AIPTS? The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, what we have on offer is something that not only combines all the best features of IASbaba’s initiatives but adds even more value on top of it. Yes, we are talking about Baba’s Foundation Course (FC).

What is Baba's Foundation Course (Baba's FC) 2023?

Baba’s Foundation Course (Baba’s FC)  is one of its kind program that prepares you in a 360-degree manner, from beginning till your success. It is designed to make you start from scratch and build incrementally and steadily on your understanding while adding skills on a regular basis. The course takes into account the expectations of UPSC and builds on the traits of hundreds of successful candidates that IASbaba has mentored and guided in the last 6 years.

Baba’s FC takes a holistic view of your preparation, incorporating key elements like developing the right aptitude for solving Prelims questions, giving you the right tools to write precise and scoring answers in Mains, and polishing your personality to make you a promising candidate in the Personality Test.

The key pillars of Baba’s FC are – meticulous planning, rigorous course instruction by the best faculties, intensive regular practice, personalized mentorship, and a cohort of sincere and like-minded aspirants.

You deserve the best program to kickstart your journey for CSE 2023 and we assure you that you are at the right place. Let us explore the features of the FC in detail.

Hitting the Bull's Eye Year After Year


UPSC Prelims > 40%
UPSC Mains > 80%


UPSC Prelims > 75%
UPSC Mains > 80%


UPSC Prelims > 70%
UPSC Mains > 80%


UPSC Prelims > 65%
UPSC Mains > 85%


UPSC Prelims > 70%
UPSC Mains > 85%


UPSC Prelims > 60%
UPSC Mains > 80%


UPSC Prelims > 50%

Features of Baba’s Foundation Course

  • Integration of Online Programme with Offline Classes:  Offline Classes will be complemented with Online Content which would contain Babapedia (Current Affairs) and ‘Value Add’ Notes (VAN).
  • Catering to Prelims, Mains and Interview: The classes will be conducted keeping all the 3 Stages of the examination (Prelims, Mains, Interview) in mind.
  • Prelims and Mains Tests: Prelims (GS + CSAT) and Mains Tests are incorporated into the programme. The tests will be designed keeping a fresher’s preparation in mind. Accordingly, there will be a gradual increase in the difficulty level of the test. The test series has been designed keeping the ‘learning-curve’ of the students in mind so that there is an improvement in their performance in every single test.
  • GS & Current Affairs Test: Students will have a weekly GS test of 50 questions and Fortnightly Current Affairs test of 50 questions. That means you will be solving 300 questions per month.
  • Prelims Tests: 24 Subject Wise Mini Tests + 27 Current Affairs Tests + 9 Full Revision Tests + 5 Mock Tests + 10 CSAT Tests – A total of 75 Tests
  • Mains Tests: 24 Mains Test + 10 Essay Tests – A total of 34 Tests
  • Daily Mains Answer Writing: Daily one Mains question will be discussed in the class by the mentor. Daily Mains Answer Writing Practice (150+Questions) (Including Current Affairs).
  • Weekly Current Affairs Classes: In tune with the demand of UPSC, there will be weekly Current Affairs Classes/Discussions and Test.
  • Mentorship: We have the best mentors for the programme who will guide you throughout with the best possible support.
  • High Calibre Faculty: IAS rank holders, IIT, IIM, NIT, and RV College alumni who are extremely talented, experienced, dynamic, friendly and accessible who will be providing vastly superior inputs.
  • Unique Pedagogy: End to end integrated preparation with tests, discussions, and quizzes modelled in the programme.
  • Module wise completion of the syllabus: Highly focused and micro module planning with an aim to cover your syllabus in an integrated manner so that you get adequate time for revision and solving mock tests.
  • Online support: IASbaba is the only institute to sync offline and online programmes in the most systematic manner.
  • Series of Interactive Lectures: Eminent personalities from various fields and previous year toppers invited to take value add sessions on important issues to enrich your preparation.
  • Extracurricular activities: To make the classroom a vibrant and energetic place, extracurricular activities will be arranged during the course duration.


IASbaba’s Foundation Course (FC) Student

Foundation Course's Student Feedback

Faculty Profile

No Cost EMI Facility

We are aware that, due to the pandemic a few of us are facing income losses and hardships. So, we have come up with a ‘No Cost EMI Facility for Students enrolling in Baba’s Foundation Course 2023.

Please note that there will be no processing fee involved and no hidden costs when you avail of the EMI facility.

Fees Details

Baba's Foundation Course - 2023

84,000 + GST

GS (Offline) + Optionals Combo

Following Optional Subject’s Classes are available

  • Geography Optional
  • Sociology Optional
  • Public Administration Optional
  • Anthropology Optional
  • Kannada Literature Optional

As an early bird offer, we are providing Baba’s Foundation Course along with Optional Subjects Foundation Course at a discounted price.


  • Offline Programme:- Rs.1,34,520 Rs.1,21,000 (including 18% GST)

Offline Mode Payment Links

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All the Best

IASbaba Team

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