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  • IAS baba
  • January 16, 2022
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Never Give Up:

Very few people understand how easy it is to give up. Even fewer understand that the difference between making your dreams a reality, and just dreaming about them, is the attitude of never giving up. “giving up” isn’t a concept – it isn’t a philosophy one can either adopt or discard – it is more than that. It is the very fabric of how you live your life.

Your attitude towards accomplishing something determines the entire quality of your life. You either know how to accomplish something, or you don’t. It is actually that simple. You either know how to pick a task and see to its completion no matter what, or you give up somewhere along the way.

Take a moment and reflect on your daily activities, may be even your life to see if you can pick up on a pattern of how you accomplish or not accomplish things. Do you have a habit of deciding to do something and see to it that it is done no matter how difficult it is to accomplish it, or do you have a difficulty seeing your tasks to their completion?

You can think about simple activities like reading, writing, exercising, dieting, or anything you do on a daily basis and reflect on whether you are a habitual procrastinator, leaving things incomplete, or do you have a positive reinforcing pattern of accomplishing your task no matter what?

You should not be surprised if you are having difficulty accomplishing things – all of us, more or less, fall into the same category, for the simple reason that it is a lot easier to give up than persevere. That is where lies the difference that makes all the difference. If you can persevere a little longer than others, you will succeed a little more than others. At the end of the day, not giving up is not just about succeeding, it is about how you live your life.

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