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  • IAS baba
  • January 9, 2022
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You are not just a mind:

Become acquainted with your body and fall in love with it. Listen to what it says to you. The body has a language of its own, so pay attention to it. The language that the body uses to communicate to you is pain, in varying degrees: Hunger is pain, itching is pain, too hot or too cold is pain. When the body is in a lot of pain, it screams to get your attention. Pain is the only language of the body, and it is direct and clear.

The body does not lie and deceive like the mind. The mind can be in immense emotional and psychological pain, and yet it can live in total denial. Your body simply cannot do this. When your body is in pain, you will know it. There is no confusing the pain of the body. With your mind, it’s an altogether different matter.

Your body is the instrument you are using to perceive this entire universe. Without the body, this world would not make any sense. Sooner or later, through regular mindfulness , the natural balance between your mind and body can be restored. Eventually, you will be just as attentive to the body as you are to the mind.

There will even come a moment when you will become 100% aware of your body. At that moment, you will have left the mind far behind you. That is when you will experience a state of pure bliss. Your body will be so complete, so full of awareness, that it will no longer need your distracting mind to approve or disapprove of its actions. That is the moment you will experience pure joy.

There is no greater joy than being, and not having to wonder why!

When you move from your mind to your body, you will move from imaginary concepts to real experience.

Your mind is nothing but a collection of different concepts and ideas of life. There are no solutions there, only problems. Your body is the solution for all the problems of your mind. Moving from concepts to experience is to gain so much control over your mind and body that you can move between them effortlessly. As of now, you are stuck in your mind not knowing how to move away from it. Once you are trapped in its quagmire of thoughts, you are stuck forever. By paying attention to your body and watching it regularly, you will find a way out. Only your body can transform a purely conceptual understanding of life into a real experience. Your body is your only doorway to bliss!

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