Why do 95% of Aspirants Fail in UPSC Prelims?

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  • January 3, 2022
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Why do 95% of Aspirants Fail in UPSC Prelims?

Yes, you read that right. For some, it may be the first time.

For some, it becomes a never-ending cycle. A cycle that keeps repeating. Even after resolutions to change the outcome. Even after putting all ounces of effort you could.

How to break the cycle of failure in UPSC Prelims? By changing your Pattern

By ‘pattern’ we mean the way you approach your preparation.
Now there are two types of aspirants – an under-achiever and an overconfident achiever. Irrespective of whichever one are you, you need to push yourself towards being in the middle ground.
Look, each aspirant is unique but there’s a certain way in which this exam should be approached. If one does not work on their attitude, the first failure happens there.

So, reach the middle ground first.
Once you are here, focus on becoming a GENERALIST.

Now who is a Generalist?
A Generalist is someone who very smartly reads, connects the dots, gain conceptual clarity and moves on without doing a PhD in any particular subject.
They concentrate on the ‘HOW’ – How to read, how to prepare, how to speed-read and understand, how to make effective notes, how to remember.

What is this HOW?

Focusing on basic understanding and wider coverage rather than detailed studies and intensive coverage.

Next, Remove the belief that Prelims is very difficult.
See, this is a pure number game. The more the number of aspirants, the more the level of competition. The seats are fixed. Hence, the success rate is low.
Add to it the unpredictable questions that test you in a specific time frame. It is UPSC’s nature to reject a ridiculously high number of aspirants. Now that’s the way it has been.
But there are some who tide through it and clear it.

And yes, in the next examination –

That one amongst the thousand can be YOU!

The Art of Cracking UPSC Prelims 2022 – 3 R’s

Now it is time to really define each element of the HOW!

Right Frame of Mind:

We discussed about in the previous section how it is important for you to note down the things that you have done which have not worked. You are way ahead than many for knowing the things that you should not be doing in this attempt. This sets you apart because now you can completely focus on what exactly you need to focus on and how your preparation needs to be done.

Right Way of Gaining Knowledge:

There’s a specific way to approach your preparation. Not by mugging and covering everything. Not by making endless notes. Not by going through thousands of materials of different coaching classes. It all lies in reading what important and establishing key links that exists across topics from different subjects and current affairs.

Right Guidance & Accountability:

You need mentors that you can rely on for their wisdom and experience and who can hold you accountable even on days you feel uninspired to prepare.

The 3R’s in the Prelims Exclusive Programme (PEP)

We understand how not-so-easy it is to be amongst that top 1% of the crowd that gets the opportunity to call themselves a Prelims qualifier. Therefore, we have created an exclusive programme that covers the 3 R’s of Preparation and more.
We know what the right tool and training can do – it can change the trajectory of your entire life. Added to that ‘a right mentor’ to guide you, push you, appreciate you and be with you through this process.

At IASbaba, we are known for really listening in to the pains and desires of our students.

In its 3 years of being, PEP has helped hundreds of candidates clear the Prelims exam. We want YOU to be the next qualifier now.

Here’s how PEP can be a game changer for you

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1:1 Mentorship: Every student will be provided a Dedicated Mentor, who will monitor your progress, give you feedback, motivate and guide you in the Right Path! The students can contact his/her mentor for any difficulties regarding Prelims preparation

Prelims Strategy Classes (1-Week Program): on how to Prepare, How to apply Tricks/Techniques- Live (from well researched set of questions), How to read specific content (Economic Survey, Budget, Atlas (Maps), Current affairs, Government Schemes/Policies), How to Solve a Test, Time management – 6 Classes

100+ Daily Classes: (Polity, Geography, Economics, History, Art & Culture, Science & Tech and Environment) Daily Class – 91 Classes and subject wise Exclusive tests for specific Prelims topics for every subject for quick revision

Subject wise Current Affairs: will be taken by subject teachers.

Exclusive Classes: on Mapping, Economic Survey and Budget

100+ Handouts: Precise and to the point handouts on static subjects and current affairs will give you a ready reckoner, a tool that will help you during your preparation, particularly near the exam as you grapple with the challenge of last-minute revision.

Prelims oriented Current Affairs Tests & Handouts: 17 Tests and 17 Handouts

100+ Daily Tests: By practising daily the thoroughly researched questions prepared by the IASbaba team, you will boost your confidence to tackle even the most unexpected paper set by UPSC.

3 Exclusive Tests: on Map-based, Government Schemes/Policies, Economic Survey, Budget.

6 Revision Tests: Polity, Geography, Economics, Science & Tech and Environment.. History, Art & Culture,

Out of the Box Questions Philosophy behind ‘Out of the Box Questions’ is to go beyond the standard sources and to train your mind on how to tackle/leave such kind of questions and not be surprised/perplexed. (Which might affect your pre-planned mindset/strategy in the exam hall)

5 Full-Length: Mock Tests

10 CSAT: Tests + Practice questions in every class


We wish to see on the other side. The question is – how willing are YOU to run past your doubts, fears, and the uneasiness, and emerge as a qualifier on the other side of the game!

Still In Doubt?

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