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  • May 15, 2022
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Art of Watching:

Meditation is the art of learning how not to cling to anger, happiness, or sadness.

It is the process of watching all your emotions with equanimity; it is simply to observe what is happening to your mind and body. Meditation is the process of saying, “Now happiness is happening to my body – I acknowledge it. Now pain is happening to my body – I acknowledge it.” In this way, the person who is going through the experiences of life gets separated from the one who is observing the experiences of life.

True happiness lies in your ability to observe everything that is happening in your life, watch everything that is happening around you, and still be detached from it all.

The key to happiness is in learning how to experience emotions without being engulfed by them. If you haven’t practiced meditation, it will be difficult to apply this understanding during a moment of anger. If you have learned how to meditate, when a moment of anger comes, you will be ready and you will know what to do with it.

Sadly, very early in your childhood, you accepted the concept that a happy person should not get angry or become frustrated, without realizing that these are just unnecessary limitations you are imposing on yourself. You can get angry, experience all the emotions of life, and still be happy. The problem is not with anger: The problem is that you have not accepted anger as a part of you, so you keep on trying to get rid of it.

The key to transcending emotional problems is by practicing the art of watching. It can start with something as simple as watching your breath as often as possible till it becomes an anchor.

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